It’s time for San Francisco!

It’s been almost a week that I’m back from California. Jet lag is now finally under control, thank God! I couldn’t wait to share stories from this magical trip with you. It feels like the most beautiful and longest dream of my life because it lasted for 26days long. Only that, it wasn’t a dream. It happened in reality. Eeeeeeeeep! Someone pinch me please!

This trip had 3 legs. First 9 days in San Francisco, 4 days in LAS Vegas, 8 days in Los Angeles and finally 5 days in San Francisco again. I know, that’s pretty long right?! But every single day was worth it. I visited so many places, ate at so many good local cafe’s, took beautiful road trips, had such a great time and most of all made beautiful memories for life.

Today I’m going to put down details about my time in San Francisco. Also, it’s safe to say it’s one of my favourite cities now. Beautiful Victorian houses, amazing weather, so many places for tourist to explore, the hilly roads and most of all the people. All this makes it on my top list of beautiful cities around the world.

I’m gonna share with you activities & places that I did while I was there and shouldn’t be missed when you’re there.

  1. Take a walk/ bicycle across the Golden Gate Bridge 🌉

When you think of San Francisco, you cannot miss out on Golden Gate Bridge. Even when you land into SFO Airport, you will get an aerial view of the Golden Gate Bridge. It spans 1.7 miles (2.8kms) across the Golden Gate Strait which connects San Francisco to the Pacific Ocean is 90 feet wide. Popular among tourists, you will always see people during the day time all gathered at different points to get a great picture with it. Also, you can actually take a walk or ride a bicycle across the bridge which shouldn’t be missed. It’s really a treat to the eyes. It gives you beauty views of the architecture of the bridge and also the city. No cost for walking across and if you wanna bicycle acoss, you only need to pay for the rent of the bicycle.

If you want to get a good picture, there are 3 great spots that I recommend.

  • Spot 1 is at the entrance of the bridge or the car drop off point. Your picture will look something like this…
  • Spot 2 is at the end of the bridge once you complete your walk/ cycling across it.
  • Spot 3 is the hill to your left at then end of the bridge too. You can either hike your way up or simply take an uber up there. Well I went there in my friends car. ( tip: visit this point before 4 pm because post that, it’s mostly covered with fog .

2. Walk around the city:

I really wanted to put in “walking around the city” on the priority of things to do in SF. Walking always helps you explore so much in a new place. But walking around in SF is even better, you will discover amazing lanes with creative graffiti which make a great background for pictures. You will come across a lot of local cafe’s. You will witness more of the beauty of the architecture in this city. Trust me when I say, it’s a treat to walk around here.

3. Take the Muni ride.

Well if you’re confused what is a Muni. It’s this pretty cute small cart that looks like a train and which transports people from one end of the city to another. It’s starting point being Powell street and end point Fishermen’s wharf. I recommend taking this start to end point ride one of the days while your there. It’s 7 dollars per person for 1 ride. Since San Francisco has roads made on a hill going up and down. You have the Muni giving you an extremely fun ride across the city going up and down and giving you breathtaking views of the city . This way you will also discover many great points to get a top view of the city kinda photo. I love the Muni, it’s so much fun .

4. Crooked street/ Lombard street.

This street is known as the most crooked street in the world. Yes, no kidding! The muni ride drops you off at Lombard, so you can get off and take great pictures of this street from the top. Also a lot of tourists and local get their cars and try to drive across this street has it feels like a challenge and is also so much fun.

5. Fisherman’s Wharf:

Fisherman’s Wharf is the end point of the SF city. It has so many piers, full of a lot of things to do and see. You will get a beautiful sight of Seagulls here and also you can have a closer look at the sea lions too. But, fisherman’s wharf has much more to offer. You can indulge in shopping, chilling at a bar and even try out different activities here. They have really interesting stores here. I’d suggest you to walk around and explore. Also, you can take a cruise starting from fisherman’s wharf and giving you a tour around the Golden Gate Bridge which lasts for about an hour. So also, do try that if you have time on you. You can spend a good 1 day at fisherman’s wharf. Also, I forgot to mention you also get a view of the “Alcatraz” prison from here.

6. Union Square:

Now, if you want to shop in San Francisco, union square it is! You have almost every brand down here. It is a square or a junction you may call with many malls and stores. Starting from Westfield, target to a lot of brands, local designer stores,you will find it all here. Amazing brands at amazing prices. Well, I shopped so much that 3 of my suitcases were full of stuff. If you love shopping, you are going to love Union Square. Also do not forget to checkout the local designer stores. You can find pretty amazing stuff there to but remember to bargain.

7. Try Food at the local cafe’s:

If you’re a foodie and love trying new stuff. I would like to recommend trying out breakfast or eating lunch at local cafe’s. You will get a taste of the local food . I used to love having breakfast at the local cafe’s . Pancakes, French toast, the black coffee and scrambled eggs, so yumm, omg!

8. Ghirardelli chocolates

Ghirardelli is a famous chocolate shop in California. You have it near the fisherman’s Wharf in SF. Just amazing chocolates, crepe’s, hot chocolate and brownies. Something you should definitely try, the taste is out of the world and it’s also quite well priced. I would recommend trying their hot chocolate, chocolate milk (cold) and their brownie ( the thought of it is making me crave it ) .

9. Treasure Island & Twin peaks.

If you want, a great view of the city and even picturesque spots to get a great picture with the entire city. Either go to Treasure island or Twin peaks. I went to Twin peaks though. The view from here is so beautiful, you can literally spot the Golden Gate Bridge and so many other tourists spots from above. I would recommend going there by sunset. Because you get a great picture with the view while the suns still there & then later on you can wait for the sun to set completely and enjoy the view when the lights come on. It’s even more breathtaking with the city all lit up. Just make sure to carry a thick coat when you go there. It’s way too windy and cold. But, it’s totally worth it.

10. Sausalito:

Not exactly in SF, but almost 30 mins away from the city is where Sausalito is. Popular among tourists for its European feels. I will recommend a visit here too. Get off and walk across. You will witness beautiful views, houses, the beach and lots of yachts here. Nice to spend about 3-4 hours here.

11. Take a Road Trip from SF to Lake Tahoe:

Lake Tahoe is a must visit when you are in SF. I cannot put in words how beautiful this lake is! It’s one of the world’s most clear water lakes and also really deep. Also we were lucky it was snowing there when we visited. It falls between California & Nevada. A road trip full of scenic treat. Be it summer or winter, Lake Tahoe is full of beauty all the time. It takes about 3 hours to get there . Also, you can even spend a night there if you would like too.

As you know now, clearly there’s a lot to do and see as a tourist in San franciso. So put it on your travel lists now. I hope you guys found this blog post helpful and fun to read . Also if you want to have a look at my experience make sure to catch up with my vlogs on youtube .

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