The FaceShop Sheet Masks Review


Well if you are that kind of person who is obsessed with skincare , you ought to know that Korea is very well known for its natural and best skincare products throughout the world.

FaceShop is one of the very well known and trusted brands of Korea when it comes to skincare and makeup . But their skincare products are worth dying for .

When you think of korean skin care , you can’t miss out on sheet masks & I have to say Faceshop does have extremely good & affordable sheet masks.

They have 3 ranges in their sheet masks, first is the basic one , 2 nd is the solution sheet masks (which are slightly expensive than the basic ones) and the 3 rd is the extensive care masks for best results( which are double the rate than the solution sheet masks) .

So ,today I will be reviewing the basic sheet masks range and my favorite sheet masks from this range. Though they have a wide variety of options to chose from .The ones I’m reviewing worked best for me .

Also the price of each basic sheet mask is 100( In rupees) or 1$ each. In india , you can get them from @Nykaa.

1. Rice Mask Sheet.

The Rice mask Sheet is best to brighten up dull skin.If you have dull skin , this is the mask you should opt for . With the first use itself , you can see a visible change. Over time , this can eventually brighten up your skin permanently . The Rice Sheet Mask is my favorite mask out of this entire range.

2. Aloe Sheet Mask.

Aloe sheet mask is best for irritated skin, or if you have acne or acne scars and also dry skin , this is the best mask for you. This masks is extremely hydrating and also soothes & settles acne and lightens acne scars with regular use.

3.Avocado Sheet Mask.

The Avacado Sheet Mask is best for dry skin. If your skin lacks hydration and is flaky , this is the best mass to opt for. Also , if you just want a sheet mask to hydrate your face , you can choose this mask .

4.Kelp Sheet Mask.

Kelp Mass is a mask to Purify your face . If you travel too much or had a real long day and want your skin to feel relaxed, this is the best mask to opt for . This masks makes the skin feel so clean , fresh and hydrated.

5 White Tea Sheet mask.


The White Tea Sheet Mask is an illuminating sheet mask . This mask is again a best option for you if you have dull skin because it gives a natural & fresh glow to your skin.

So guys this was it for the review of these masks. Hope it was helpful for you. Also the best time to use these masks is at night, before going to bed . Also do not wipe off the residue from your skin after you take off the sheet mask,instead pat it lightly on to your skin and go to sleep . Sleeping with it is the best way to let these masks work their best results on your skin. Your skin will absorb all the nutrients and hydrate your face overnight and next morning your face will feel so fresh and full of life and glow.

I have to say including sheet masks in your skin care routine is a must.

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