The Macau Story!

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Lately, I have been travelling alot and oh boy am I complaining? Not at all. Infact, there is something really beautiful and magical about travelling. It makes me feel like I’m teleporting to beautiful and new places. So,this time it was “Macau.” A destination that should definitely be on your travel bucket list if you have not had it there already. Why am I saying this? Keep reading further and you will know why.

So, I went to Macau for 4 nights,5 days and I can proudly say that I have explored all of it and I know now what Macau is all about. Well,I took a flight from Mumbai and landed in Hong kong and from there we took a ferry which was a 1 hour journey to Macau.

When, I stepped out of the ferry port, my eyes were nothing but amazed because Macau was everything I expected it to be and so much more. If you have had a picture of Macau that is all about having typical streets like China or just about having Casino’s, it’s time you change that picture as Macau has to be one of the most beautiful destinations for vacations both with your friends and family. There’s so much to enjoy and have fun here.


Since Macau was ruled by the Portuguese for a long long time, most of its architecture and streets have a portugal feel to them. The streets are so beautiful, they make you feel like maybe you are in Europe and I’m not over exxagerating. It’s nothing like mainland China.

Now, there is one thing I would like to advice you as a person who travels alot. Whenever planning a vacay to a destination you have never been to, always make sure that you do a bit of research on what are the highlights of that destination and plan your days accordingly. Because, if you go unplanned ,you might not know what you are missing out on and might also not be able to make the most of your time. I was glad as me and my friends, we booked our trip with “Macao Tourism” as they had our itineary planned in such a beautiful manner, we explored to the fullest and enjoyed ourselves to the maximum. So,if you are planning to go to Macao,I’d reccomend planning your trip with them. Will be leaving their social media handle links at the end.

Sky walking on the 61st floor in Macau tower


There’s a saying, “Everyday, atleast do one thing that reminds you that you’re still alive.” Macao gives you this opportunity. Everyday is not possible but atleast one day, while you are on a vacay should make something like this possible,right?!

Macau tower has the 2nd highest Bunjee jumping trail in the whole world and also has Skywalking,which I gave a shot finally. On the 61st floor of the Macau tower,they have these activities. If you are in Macao or plan to go there, now you know what you shouldn’t be missing.

I have a fear of heights and doing something like a “Skywalk” was like a big No for me. But,since I had my friends with me, I decided to give it a shot and I mean it, after completing the walk that lasted for a good 25 mins, I thought to myself “If i had not done this, I would have regretted it.” It was that good. Adventurous,thrilling,surreal and fun. One of the best memories of my life has been created.

Also,2 of our friends tried the Bunjee jump. It takes 3-4 seconds at the max for the entire drop depending on the weight. Also, what I liked the most about the Aj hackett team at Macau tower is that they take extreme measures for the safety of people. You can be sure that nothing ill fated is going to happen to you. So,if you are a very adventurous person,you should go for the bunjee jump.

Now, I’m going to quickly list down the places you should visit when in Macau :

1.Ruins Of St.Paul 

The Ruins of St.Paul is a must visit monument. Even though its ruined,its still so beautiful. You can spot it rehind behind us in the pic above. It was a church before. It caught a fire due to which all the part made from wood got burnt and only the part made of sand stone remained. To put it in a better way, if you did not visit the Ruins of St Paul, you did not visit Macau.

2.Senado Square

As you walk down the stairs of Ruins of St paul, it will connect you to the “Senado Square” which is a popular shopping place . They have so many options to shop for skincare,cosmetics,clothing,food and porcelain articles. I will reccomend stopping by at the Senado square atleast once. I bought alot of my korean skincare and branded cosmetics for steal deals from there. I also managed to get some really good pieces of branded clothing from there. While you are there, do not forget to carry atleast 1000 MOP( Macanese Pataka) if you want to shop to your heart’s content.

3. Macau Tower

Like, I specified before, the Macau tower has the bunjee jump and the skywalk on its 61st floor. That alone is a strong reason why you should visit the Macau tower but also it has a restaurant named “360 degrees” on its 57th floor. It is a rotating restaurant! Yes, no kidding, I am serious. So make sure you go there for dinner one of the days and enjoy the amazing buffet that they serve with a breathtaking all round view of Macau.

4. Taipa Village

Taipa is a beautiful village in Macau. Actually, calling it beautiful is an understatement. It will make you stand in awe of its beauty. The village is full of beautiful cafe’s, colourful houses and pretty streets and also has a display of its art culture. Taipa village gives you a feel that you are in Portuguese. The best part is that you can rent a bicycle and tour the entire village. As, I was riding my bicycle and exploring Taipa, it brought so much joy to me and made me a kid again, so curious about everything around me. So this again has to top your list while you are there.

5. Grand Lisboa Hotel & Wynn Fountain show

Grand Lisboa hotel is one of the most grand and beautiful hotels of Macau.It looks like a feather from the outside and like a gold palace from within and has a display of articles that are the only one in the whole world on its ground floor.It aslo has a grand casino to add to it. You should spare atleast 3-4 hours of your time in your schedule and visit Grand Lisboa. They have 2 restaurants that hold 3 michelin stars each. One is on the 6th floor called the “Eighth” and the other one is on the 43rd floor called as “Rubachon Au D’ome.” The view from this restaurant is breath taking.

Both are a complete treat to anyone who loves eating and trying out new dishes.

They also have a Spa, “The Lisboa Spa”, which has to be the best spa experience of my life. They only use Clarin’s products which is an ultimate treat to relax yourself and your senses.

There is also a good news for my friends who prefer Indian cuisine even while travelling. Grand Lisboa has a restaurant that serves Indian cuisine as well.

Now, coming to the Wynn fountain show. It is a 5 min show that is somehow very satisfying and an absolute treat to watch. The fountain show involves a different display of colours and fireshow merged into the fountain show itself. Also, while you are there do not miss out on the fortune tree and sun sign show too which again is a show of 5-7 mins and takes place in the Wynn Resort itself.

6. Venetian Macau

The Venetian Macau is an interpretation of Venice and you will be amazed to see how well it replicates Venice to almost fool your brain that you are actually there. It has a the Venetian Mall which displays so many brands from all over the world and is a paradise for shopaholics. They also have a hotel. But, the best part is they have an Eiffel tower too, and it look so real just that its a lil shorter than the original one.

7. Broadway street

The Broadway street is very close to Venetian Macau . The Broadway street is also know as the eating street and has a lot of eateries. It is one of the most prettiest streets that I have seen in my entire life. Also, while you are at the Broadway street, catch up on the broadway show that displays different categories of performances for 30 mins. I had so much fun watching that.

8.Coloane Island

Coloane island is again a very beautiful place. It looks more like an European colony. It again has so many eateries and bakeries. You can also spot mainland china quite easily from the Coloane Island. This place is just so picturesque and also has a beautiful church. You can probably stop by coloane for breakfast or lunch. Also, do not forget to click tons of pictures of yourself here. Every corner,cafe and house here is beautiful.


So, yeah this was it for all the places that you should not miss or should I say cannot miss when in Macau. I hope this information was useful for you. Also, if you want to see my experience, follow the links down below to watch me having fun in Macau.

Macao Moments (Macao Tourism)






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