Express it with black!!

Well hello ,its been a long time hope ypu are doing well:)

So today I’m going to be talking about the color “Black” which I’m sure is the favourite or the go to colour of most of us.

I don’t know if you have ever heard this liner from your mother or grandmother when your going for some special event or if its a festival or someones wedding , “don’t wear black today , its not lucky!” Well I hear it a lot of times from my mom , but I don’t take it into consideration at all because Black is my absolute favourite and 90% of my wardrobe is full of black !

Black is a color that suits every skin tone , everybody type and also no matter what the color of your hair ,which makes it all the more favourable. Black in itself is the strongest and most attractive color of all the colors and also if your wearing a black outfit ,you can play with different colors when it comes to accessorizing  to add more look & glamour to it . Also im sure you have noticed it but a black outfit is never a miss when you wear it for a special occasion it makes you attract eyeballs towards yourself  for sure. So next time your confused about what to wear to a party ,for someone’s wedding or for a special event where you need to make a lasting impression express it with black!!

Attaching pictures below of a simple black gown that I got from this brand called “Miss Chase India” and styled it up with a simple gold bohemian neck piece to make it look extremely elegant.

Full length picture Gown – @MissChase -2599(INR)