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5 Reasons to Visit South Korea & Seoul!!

Hey there guys, I hope you are doing well . Today I’m going to share with you the 5 best reasons to visit Seoul &  South Korea. As you guys know, I recently was in Seoul for 8 days and boy oh boy, it was definitely one of the best trips of my life. Well, to be honest, being the crazy K Drama fan that I’m, this had to be !

Now, coming straight to the point. When you think of South Korea, you can definitely not miss on Seoul. Being the capital city of South korea, it is truly happening and a city worth visiting when you make it to South Korea.

Since, I spent 8 days living in Seoul, living there and exploring. Im going to list down 5 reasons why South Korea should make it on your list of “must visit travel destinations “

1. Street Shopping:
Shopping plays an important part when we visit a place, right?
Seoul offers you one of the best experience when it comes to shopping. The street shopping is crazy and all the lovely stuff at display in these shopping streets will definitely force you to spend all your “Wons( Korean currency)” on it. Hongdae street, Myeongdong street, Namdaemun market, Insa dong, Dongdaemun market & Common grounds are all the places where you can street shop for some really trendy clothes, accessories, shoes & bags.
Hongdae street, Myeongdong & Dongdaemun top my list when it comes to street shopping in Seoul. Also, if you want to shop the top end & luxury brands, Gangnam square offers you quite a lot of options to splurge. Also, not to forget, the shopping in Seoul is quiet affordable too .


2. Street food & Korean Cuisine:

Seoul also offers you the best taste of the Korean street food . South Korea has some really interesting street food that will make you fall in love with how it tastes and is also very affordable. Go to Myeongdong street to get the best experience of Korean street food. Also, evening , post 5:30 pm is the best time to visit. All the foodstalls will be up offering you different options to chose from . They have the rose shaped ice cream that you find only at myeongdong that tastes so yumm and would probably be the prettiest icecream you will ever have. From Steaks, to seafood , to rice cakes, to spicy fried chicken, Hotteok (Sweet Korean Pancake), Korean Spicy Chicken Skewers (Dakkkochi), waffles, Kimchi Pancake (Kimchijeon),
Dumplings (Mandu) and korean pan fried dumplings ( Goon Mandu), they have it all here and are all my favourites when it comes to the street food here. Basically, there are just too many options to chose from & I have barely named only the few I tried & loved!
Also, Korean Cuisine is really yumm, . Do try the Bibimbap (available in hot & cold form) which is rice mixed in korean style. Steamed Dumplings, Kimchi , Kimchi fried rice, Mung bean pancakes. Totally loved these korean dishes.

3. Crazy party Scenes:
All of us look for some chilling & partying when we visit a destination, after we’re done with the exploring in the day. Now, Itaewon-dong offers you the best clubbing and party scenes in South Korea. With streets filled with clubbin spots, you can go and have the most craziest party and fun time there. Enjoy some really amazing Korean cocktails & mocktails, Club hop from one club to another and also enjoy the food. Also, one amazing thing , if you love drinking, you can find these small local stores on streets of Seoul and enjoy some amazing Soju ( Korean local drink) and korean street food. Also, if you want to have more like a camping party, you can do that at the Nanji Camp Ground. This is totally so much fun and you will see so many groups of Korean people camping, that adds up more to the camping feel.


4. Experience a different lifestyle.

Now, one of the best reasons to visit Seoul, South Korea is to experience a different lifestyle that they live. Being a technologically advanced nation that it is, its so interesting to see how they use technology to better the quality of lives of people who live there. They live a very modern & smart lifestyle which is very easy to understand once you make it to the country itself. Crazy infrastructure, extremely well put together road & metro transportation. Highly fast 4G internet speeds. Now, the people all mostly have an amazing dressing sense, also you can get a glimpse of K- Pop & K-Beauty stores here & there! The kind of lifestyle the people who live in Seoul have will definitely intimidate you. So make sure you plan a trip here soon.

5. Lot to Do & See:

When we are visiting a destination, we always want to explore and experience, all that it has to offer, right? South Korea, definitely has a lot to see and also so many activities you can indulge in. From its rich historical culture as well as so many fun activities to make our vacay
all the more fun, it’s got it all. From amusement parks, to Palaces, the happening streets, the observation decks and the local life, you can experience it all here in South Korea.


That’s it for the first blog post. Stay tuned for the next 2 coming up where I tell you all about the must visit places in South Korea. Until then, go watch my youtube videos if you haven’t had the chance to have a look at them by now.

-Shanice Shrestha

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How to be a BLOGGER?!!

Hello Beautiful people, I hope all of you are doing extremely well in your lives:)

This Blog post is something I have been wanting to do since a long long time. I get so many questions asked and emails sent to me; all with the same question. “How can I be a Blogger?!.”

If you want to be a blogger, the first question you need to ask yourself is “Why do you want to be a blogger?”. Answer that question truthfully and then analyse the answer for yourself. If the answer was “I have a flair for writing, I love to share information with the world about things I know.” Well, then you are absolutely on the right track. It’s time you get yourself a domain name registered under the name you want to call your blog and start sharing all that you want to.

But, if your answer is “I want to start blogging because I’m going to get alot of stuff for free and make lots of money the easy way.” I’d like to stop you there, before you can take it any further. A Blogger’s job  is no easy job, its also not timed. It requires the longest and demanded hours of work to get a job done. Don’t believe me?! Ask the bloggers you have been following and admire.

It’s just what we bloggers choose to show and also our job demands us to portray only the bright & happening sides of our lives. So don’t get brainwashed and make a courier choice based on that.

But yes, a bloggers job is fun especially if you cover lifestyle and travel. Also, if you’re a fashion and beauty blogger, we know all about the launches and have access to it right before its down in the market. So all in all, if you think you have got the skills and the determination to put in all the hardwork it takes to be a blogger, then go on .

Now, I’m quickly going to list down few things that you need to keep in mind when you want to be a blogger.

1. Get a domain name registered under the name you want to call your blog. Design it well and start posting write ups. There you go, the first and the most important step to start your blogging career. (P.S: if you dont have a blog website, you are not considered a blogger)

2. Focus on topics that interest you the most and write about them. Also, make sure you write often when you just start with the blog.

3. Alot of hardwork goes into making your blog discoverable. Make sure you are sharing your articles with your friends, family and on all your social media handles to get the maximum views as possible.

4. Make sure you are writing and giving quality content to your audience. 1 good quality article is better than 100 articles that make no sense and that have low standards. (Trust me, there are a lot of blogging websites out there. The only thing that will differentiate you from the others is the kind of content you produce. )

5. Always make sure you are using good quality & only original pictures on your blog.

6. Remember to focus on your own original way of creating content. Copying someone else’s style or format never really helps and also creates duplication in the world of the internet. (Remember, the more original the content, the faster you are going to get discovered. )

7. Always, create blog articles on the current situations in the field of topic that interests you.

8. Lastly, don’t forget to be patient. Work hard, give your best efforts and wait. If you’re putting  efforts in the right direction, you will soon start being approached by Brands for advertising on your blogs and writing articles about therir products. Which is also when, in the real sense you start making money theough your blog.

So, that were some quick tips if you want to start your blogging career. I hope this article was helpful. Let me know in the comment section if you found the post helpful and if you want me to write an article on a specific topic. Will be happy to do that:)

Until next time, take care of yourselves and be safe.

-Shanice Shrestha

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Why Is PRAGUE The Best Honeymoon Destination!!

Hey there lovely people, I hope all of you are having a great start to 2018. So, today I have a story of Prague to share with you, which I recently had a chance of visiting. Well yeah, I visited it exactly a month back and I was waiting to share my experience with this “Oh, so Romantic!” city of Czech Republic with you.

Cobbled streets

I always had Prague on my must visit lists after watching it in the movie ” Rockstar” and ” Jab Harry Met Sejal”. Also, the numerous stories I had heard from people who visited it, I knew I had to go there one day for sure. December,2017 brought the most beautiful travel fairytale of my life to reality. I remember getting out of the airport, feeling the chilled air brush across my face, the sky was so blue and the vibes it passed across me. Prague, was beautiful than I imagined it to be in my dreams. No, I’m not over exagerating at all.

Next thing we did is, hopped onto our bus and made our way to the hotel. That bus drive to our hotel gave us glimpses, that were everything. Pastel infrastructure, cobbled streets, people dressed up so elegantly in their jackets , Charles bridge, the cute little houses, quaint cafe’s on the end of streets, all of it shouted, “Welcome to our city of love and romance.” I literally mean it. I knew then, why it is known as the best honeymoon destination. Prague would give you privacy with your partner, every corner of the city would make a picturesque spot for your pictures or selfies and you can even have fun  exploring the city.

Well, that was for the honeymoon part. But, I think who is going to wait until marriage. I couldn’t either. Wait, if you are thinking it is going to be an expensive trip, I might want to stop you before you think any further. Here’s the plan, book your tickets atleast 2 months prior to your visit. That will get you your tickets for about 40,000 – 45,000 INR ( round trip). Now, coming to accomodation, you can find hostels for upto 400-700  rupees per night stay (good hostels)  or if you book your hotel in advance along with your tickets, you will find a good hotel for about 3000-5000 rupees per night. So, if you are planning to stay for atleast a week which I would recommend, you will have sorted your accomodation for a week in 21,000 – 25,000 rupees. Also, if you are travelling with a friend or a group of friends, you can split the room fee. Viola! lots of money saved. Other than that, you need to fund your travel around the city and your food, offcourse. Take the bus, when it comes to travel. Public transport will give you feels of the local life and will also take you to your destination correctly. When in Prague, do not forget to try out the street food, especially Trdelnik and the hot mulled wine. Also, you will be stunned to know that all the fine dine restaurants in Prague aren’t expensive at all. It is like dining in a decent restaurant of India.

I lived at the Hotel Corinthia,Prague. It has to be one of the best hotels in Prague. It costs about 6500-7000 rupees per night. Worth all that money. Beautiful and comfy rooms, view of the entire city from the room, amazing hospitality, all the amenities like gym, spa, swimming pool, etc and 2 restaurants to dine in, out of which one holds 2 michelin stars. You want to experience luxury living, chose Corinthia!


Now, listing down the must visits while you are in Prague.

1.Christmas markets if you visit between November – December 31st . (Also, the best time to visit this city)

2. Old town Square. ( The oldest square of Prague)

3.Charles Bridge ( The most popular attractions of the city. Way too beautiful to be described in words.)

4. Prague Castle ( Historical beauty. Do watch the shifting of the guards here that happens every 1 hour)

5. Wenceslas Square ( You can shop here, chill at a cafe and you will want to take a ton of pictures here I promise.)

6.Dancing house ( Gehry- designed tower with a restaurant and club)

7.John lennon wall ( For some pictures, off course)

8. Letna Park. (A very beautiful park )

9. Old townn hall. ( Astronomical clock Tower)

10. River Cruise on the Vltava river. ( Cruise departs from the Czech bridge. It is about a 50 mins ride. You can enjoy the food or the bar while you are on it which is included in the price you pay for the cruise which is about 12 euros that comes upto 800 rupees. Also, you cannot miss this at all. It is a “must must” do. You will get a look of the entire city )

So, that was listing down some of the top places that you shouldn’t miss while you are in Prague. But, trust me when I say this. Prague, has my heart. There is something about this city that is so magical. The only place that I did not feel like returning home from. This City, the weather, the people, each and everything makes you feel like ” Home.” I have so many memories from this place that are locked up in my mind  and heart, forever. Also, the best memory was experiencing the first snowfall of my life, so surreal!

This is it, for Prague. Click on the videos below to watch a detailed view of the city from my point of view. Also, before I say goodbye, I would want to ask, “So, when do you plan to go to Prague, my love ?! ”



It’s not just a thought !

Hello! It’s been a long time , I hope you’re doing well 🙂

Today ,I have something so interesting and important to discuss with you. It’s about our thoughts . I’m sure you already know how much of an important part do thoughts play in our lives , they just never leave us alone , even when we are sleeping. I know right?!

I can never really count the number of thoughts ,that play across my mind in a day and what’s even more funny is that ,I’m aware of just a handful of thoughts that are in my mind and I read it somehwere , our minds make us aware of only the thoughts that are of most importance to us at the moment and the thoughts that influence how we feel.

You know , I’m a person who has read so many motivational books like The Secret, Magic and many others and all of them teach you that your thoughts have the magic to change your life and tell you to only focus on the positive . They make me so motivated and then I tried to do so , but I failed . Miserably .

Everytime there was something happening in my life , I’d try to think that situation in a way I want it to be . But it never really worked out for me .Things did not go the way I wanted them to ,even though I was thinking positively . Atleast, that’s what I thought.

Until , I realized. I tell myself that today’s going to be an amazing day . But ,do I really believe it , I questioned myself once morning . To be honest , I only tried to think positively but I never really believed that good things will happen . I’m quite sure that’s the case with you too. That’s where we make a mistake .

I understood that I made a mistake and wanted to rectify it at that moment itself , but no , it was difficult than I thought it would be.It took me longer than I anticipated ,to adapt to a positive way of living . I had to train my  mind and heart to think and feel positive and happy thoughts only. To be appropriate , it almost took me a month.

I started training myself . When anything did not go my way. I’d try to find good points ,even in that and focus on them . I’d tell myself that my bad times and failures are making me a smarter ,wiser and independent human being and teaching me so much about life . That way slowly slowly , without me even realizing ,everything was working in my favour . Things would workout just the way I want them to. My life was becoming a happier place .

Sometimes, it was almost like magic , I just thought a good thought like 5 minutes ago and it got manifested into life that soon! Magic , I told myself. We are capable to mould our lives into what ever it is that we want to. Nothing is  too hard to achieve or impossible. It only takes “one positive thought to be changed into Belief “.

After all God created us in his image and likeness . He has given us a mind and heart that are the most powerful weapons to win over the world .

So, next time , don’t treat it like just a thought. It is powerful. It has the power to change your life . It’s the treasure within you and under your control that can make you successful.

So , I hope you enjoyed this small discussion . Ill try to come up with something new to discuss next time. Stay Motivated until then, Will you?!.

Tip:  Find it difficult to gain control over your thoughts?  Try to do breathing exercises for 5 minutes each day  or try meditation for 5 minutes every day. This will make you feel quite calm and relaxed in daily life and will also help you achieve cobtrol over your thoughts.



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As we know that the “OBEROI” chain of hotels is a very popular and reputed  names when it comes to the hotel if you make a choice to stay there ,you already know you are not going to be disappointed.

so likewise ,this time I was travelling to Bangalore for some work for 3 days and decided to stay at the Oberoi’s and I have to tell you once I arrived there ,I was so happy with the decision I made. The first thing you will notice is the beauty of the property and the heartwarming hospitality.Never have I ever seen  ,hospitality that is so perfect. No,im not over exxagerating this,once you go there or if you have been there already ,you’ll know what im talking about. Infact while I was there ,I had this funny thought to myself  “if anyone is depressed,lonely or feels no one cares for them ,they should visit Oberoi Bengaluru,they will come back with a big smile because literally the staff there is amazing,so caring and  always ready to help you and greet you with a smile.

I also know that when it comes to selecting a hotel ,the “LOCATION” plays a big “THE OBEROI ,BENGALURU” is in the heart of the city,right at the center. It is at MG Road.Surrounded by the IT industry,the commercial street is just 2 kms away,the Pheonix mall is close too. Also,the best part is that the property gives you the feels like you are in INDONESIA,surrounded by grennery .So,the moment you step out of the property,you feel like your in a different space all together with all the hustle bustle of the city & the moment you step back in ,you will want to ask yourself is this really in MG Road ,bangalore?!. It is so calm ,relaxing and a beautiful picturesque hotel to book your stay at.


Now,coming to the “ROOM“. the room has enough space in it to move around even after having a bed,walkin wardrobe,study table .It has a gold & white color scheme which gives it a very classy look. To add to its beauty even more ,they have a balcony that’s spacious enough and has a table with 2 chairs placed,so that you can enjoy your meals or do your work while enjoying the mesmerizing view.Also, my favourite part of the room was the balcony & the walk in wardrobe. The walkin wardrobe makes it easier to organise all your clothing if you are planning to have a long stay.

They are also well versed with updated technology .Every room has an “I-Pad” through which you can control everything within your room like the lights,television ,channels on telivision,the air conditioner,etc.Now tell me,how cool is that ?!. This updated technology just makes everything so user friendly,instead of operating everything through different remotes.

Coming to the facilities inside the hotel now. They have a Gym ,so if you’re a kind of person who does not like missing their workouts while travelling or on vacation,you can hit the gym too. They have their own spa called as “THE OBEROI’S SPA” and they have different kinds of therapies and massages. I tried the “Aroma Therapy ” which is good for relaxation .I opted for a 60 mins massage in which they give a 15 min additional massage , so I was lucky enough to experience 75 mins of pure bliss.I felt so relaxed after the massage and I have to make this point here ,that it was one of the best spa experience I  have ever had. So, I’d highly recommend you trying out their spa if you visit there anytime.

They also have 4 inbuilt restaurants in the property itself. It gives us enough options to chose from.

  1. Le Jardin:  it has an indoor and outdoor seating as well.So you can opt for whatever you prefer.I had my breakfast here on all the days of my stay. they serve english breakfast as well as traditional breakfast.
  2. Rim Naam by the water : This restaurant is open both for lunch and dinner in the evening until around midnight. It has its entry through the cave and it surrounded by rocks and water which makes it so romantic. They serve “THAI FOOD’ .
  3. The Polo Club: The polo club too has indoor as well as an outdoor seating. Its open through out the day until midnight. You can stop by to have your appetizers , tea, coffee or some light dishes here.But while you’re at the Oberoi’s ,you need to visit this restaurant once in the evening after 7 pm . They have candle light outdoor seatings and the best part is they have a person singing & playing the guitar live which makes it all the more better.
  4. Szechwan Court: This restaurant serves chinese food .

To sum it all up,my stay was really great at the “The Oberoi’s,Bengaluru”. It was more better than I expected it to be. Also,now I know that now whenever I go to Bangalore,its going to be “The oberoi “.

Also if you want to see my complete experience visually ,you can check out my video of the stay :

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Saj on the Mountain


saj on the mountain has beautiful flowers all around the place.

So hello ,guys since its almost the end of April,Im sure most of you have already started planning or going to start planning about where to spend your summer vacations quite soon.

So , I’m going to make it easier for you to decide a place to go spend your holidays at . I very recently visited “Saj on the Mountain” which is a Resort in Mahabaleshwar, situated on the Mountains.

The only reason why Im recommending this place to you is because Vacations are meant for relaxation and to have fun, and the experience that I had with my friends and family at Saj on the mountain is nothing less than that.

1.The Best part about this place is that , its in the central part of Mahabaleshwar , so wherever it is that you want to go from there , all of it is very close .

2.It has beautiful cottage’s and rooms to choose from , that you could pick according to what fits into your budget. ( I lived in the cottage though , Well if your goin there with your family ,I’d recommend you to chose the cottage because it can comfortably accomodate 4 people in 1 room and it also has a private balcony with a swing on it which is the best part about the cottage because  its almost out into the nature)

The cottage room


3.It has 3 restaurants placed inside the Resort itself . Fasal,Darwin and Wilson’s Cafe.

Fasal serves you full course Veg meals , which are hard to resist , with different cultural meals served every day . (For eg: it will be the gujarati meal someday , another day it will be the marathi meal .)

Gujarathi thali at Fasal

Darwin is meant for your evening chilling  time, it serves mocktails and cocktails with a series of starters. The ambience of darwin is perfect with its interiors resembling a modern day laboratory.

Wilson’s Cafe is a restaurant where you can go grab your breakfast,brunch or mid day snacks and dinner at any time , it is open the whole time until midnight.

Wilsons cafe

If not for vacations, You should definitely visit Saj on the mountain for the food they serve , it is utterly delicious. You will forget what Non- veg food taste’s like because Saj only serves Veg food but it is the kind of veg food that is delicious beyond words and keeps you wanting for more .

4. It has a pool , indoor games room, gym and not to forget the Spa. So whether you want to spend it by the pool, or either you’re  the kind of person who doesn’t like missing out on workouts while on holidays,indoor games to keep you engaged in fun activities and Spa to relax your body and mind (the Spa also has some of the most economical rates that you cannot resist.)

Pool area

Have you heard about a resort having everything in one place?! I bet not. This place has such a relaxing and fun filled ambience , that you wouldn’t feel like going out that main door of the hotel to visit any other place around in Mahabaleshwar.

Anyways , but Im sure like me alot of you would want to go shop for strawberries and other things from the Mahabaleshwar market .So its quite close from the hotel .

Also , if you’re going to head out of the hotel you need to visit the Elephants head point, it has such a breathtaking view and is perfect for experiencing the sunset ,also it is such a picturesque spot. So you have to visit that point. Also dont miss out on the strawberry fields.

Elephant head point
Strawberry fields

Wherever, it is that you want to go , you just need to inform the receptionist, and he/she will have a car or a cab ready for you that will take you around.

So that was it , about my review of Saj on the mountain. It is a place I recommend so much to everyone for vacations within your budget because that place will have you wanting to come back again and again if you just go there once .

Also , leaving down below links of my youtube videos that I created while I was there , you can have a look at them by paying a visit to these links mentioned below.

You can see the room tour, the place and everything else you want to see for yourself before making your decision.

Also to know more or book your stay at Saj on the mountains:

Visit :