“MUST HAVES” in your Skin Care Routine

Alot of you, my fellow subscribers from Youtube and Followers from Instagram keep writing to me and ask me about my skin care routine. They ask me how my skin looks the way it does.So, I finally decided that I should write about the “New Entries” in my skin care routine that entirely repaired my skin and had me say goodbye to all of my skin problems.

Well, if you have been following me since a long time on Instagram, you would definitely know that I had pimple problems. I suffered breakouts so often,my skin looked dull and unhealthy without makeup on. As a woman, I consider myself and the other females lucky, atleast we have makeup to hide our flaws unlike Males. But , that feeling when you take your makeup off and see your bare skin is heart breaking. Atleast to me it was! And I’m sure it is to alot of you as well.

That’s when I decided , I will make efforts to improve my skin no matter what it takes. So, I did my research and through it, I found all my answers to get that glowing and healthy skin that looks perfect. The answer was “KOREAN SKIN CARE ROUTINE.”

Okay so now being honest, the Korean skin care routine includes many steps that would require alot of time and also too many products. With further detailed research, I found out that adding just few products in our skin care can ensure no breakouts and make way for that healthy & glowing skin that we have admired.

It has been 3 months since I included these products into my skin care regime and I never miss a day, because the change you see after doing this for a week, makes you hungrier for more. Never missed a day since then and trust me I have seen my Dull skin change to Glowing Skin, my breakouts have completely stopped and my skin looks so much better now.

Now,I’m quickly going to list down the products you need to include in your skincare. You can get these products from any brands of your choice. I will be leaving 2 options each of every products, one will be a high end and the other drugstore.

  1. A GOOD FACE WASH :   A good facewash can do wonders. Always remember, clean skin leads to good  & healthy skin. Choose a face wash that suits your skin best and will also clean it properly. Tip : never opt for a face wash that has too much of fragrance in them.  
  2. EXFOLIATER /SCRUB:   Over time, our skin develops dead skin due to pollution which also causes black heads and white heads on our face. A good exfoliater that is made out of natural ingredients is a must for getting rid of such problems. Using a exfoliater atleast once or twice a week is recommended. If you are using a mild exfoliater, you can even use it everyday. 
  3. TONER : This is the most important product or step that you need to follow. If you were not using a toner all this while, it is high time you run to the store, grab one for yourself and start using it. This step has played a big role in improving my skin. Toner is very useful as it takes out the excess dirt left on your skin even after washing and exfoliating. It also maintains the Ph Value of your skin. Toner basically prepares your skin to absorb all the products that you will apply on your face better and let them work towards improvement.
  4. SUNSCREEN : If you suffer from discoloration, tan, uneven skin tone and dull skin, it is definitely because you do not use sunscreen regularly. Sunscreen must be used at all times, be it winter or summer and  also if you are going to stay home. A Sunscreen basically protects your skin against harmful UV Rays that are present in the environment at all times. Using a sunscreen will not only stop the absorption of harmful Uv Rays into your skin but will also save your skin from a whole lot of skin problems.
  5. MOISTURIZER: It is a myth that people with oily or normal skin do not need to use a moisturizer. No matter you have dry skin, oily skin or normal skin, using a moisturizer is very important. It plays a very important role in making your skin look healthy and supple. It puts back good moisture and nutrients into your skin that go missing due to pollution and other reasons.
  6. SERUMS / ESSENCE : Using a Serum is a must  use at night before you hit the bed. Serum repairs your skin of all the damages done to it. It repairs your skin and helps restore back healthy, nourished  and glowing skin. I can promise you, after a week of using serum continuously, you will have noticed big improvements in the way your skin looks.
  7. 8-12 GLASSES OF WATER EVERYDAY : The last step is quite easy and cannot be skipped at all. Water rids our body of toxins and cleans it from within & if your body is clean from within, it will automatically reflect on the outside. You must have noticed, 95% of people who drink lots of water have clear and healthy looking skin. So, from today start keeping a track on the amount of water you drink in a day to improve your skin at an amazingly rapid pace.

This was it, the 7 steps that can improve your skin and give you the skin that you dream of having. I assure you if you follow these steps dedicately even for minimum 2 weeks , you will see changes you will not believe happened. Anyways, I hope this was helpful. If possible do come and leave me comments down below after you try it and it has done it’s magic on you. See you next time 😉


The FaceShop Sheet Masks Review


Well if you are that kind of person who is obsessed with skincare , you ought to know that Korea is very well known for its natural and best skincare products throughout the world.

FaceShop is one of the very well known and trusted brands of Korea when it comes to skincare and makeup . But their skincare products are worth dying for .

When you think of korean skin care , you can’t miss out on sheet masks & I have to say Faceshop does have extremely good & affordable sheet masks.

They have 3 ranges in their sheet masks, first is the basic one , 2 nd is the solution sheet masks (which are slightly expensive than the basic ones) and the 3 rd is the extensive care masks for best results( which are double the rate than the solution sheet masks) .

So ,today I will be reviewing the basic sheet masks range and my favorite sheet masks from this range. Though they have a wide variety of options to chose from .The ones I’m reviewing worked best for me .

Also the price of each basic sheet mask is 100( In rupees) or 1$ each. In india , you can get them from @Nykaa.

1. Rice Mask Sheet.

The Rice mask Sheet is best to brighten up dull skin.If you have dull skin , this is the mask you should opt for . With the first use itself , you can see a visible change. Over time , this can eventually brighten up your skin permanently . The Rice Sheet Mask is my favorite mask out of this entire range.

2. Aloe Sheet Mask.

Aloe sheet mask is best for irritated skin, or if you have acne or acne scars and also dry skin , this is the best mask for you. This masks is extremely hydrating and also soothes & settles acne and lightens acne scars with regular use.

3.Avocado Sheet Mask.

The Avacado Sheet Mask is best for dry skin. If your skin lacks hydration and is flaky , this is the best mass to opt for. Also , if you just want a sheet mask to hydrate your face , you can choose this mask .

4.Kelp Sheet Mask.

Kelp Mass is a mask to Purify your face . If you travel too much or had a real long day and want your skin to feel relaxed, this is the best mask to opt for . This masks makes the skin feel so clean , fresh and hydrated.

5 White Tea Sheet mask.


The White Tea Sheet Mask is an illuminating sheet mask . This mask is again a best option for you if you have dull skin because it gives a natural & fresh glow to your skin.

So guys this was it for the review of these masks. Hope it was helpful for you. Also the best time to use these masks is at night, before going to bed . Also do not wipe off the residue from your skin after you take off the sheet mask,instead pat it lightly on to your skin and go to sleep . Sleeping with it is the best way to let these masks work their best results on your skin. Your skin will absorb all the nutrients and hydrate your face overnight and next morning your face will feel so fresh and full of life and glow.

I have to say including sheet masks in your skin care routine is a must.

To shop ,click link :


The Micellar Water by Loreal Paris

The most important step ,when it comes to skin care routine is obviously taking your makeup off completely and nicely leaving no dirt or makeup behind.Clean skin leads to Good skin always remember that ! So no matter how tired you are after a long day at work or after partying till late at night ,you should never ever leave makeup on your face and go off to sleep!

Ok so now coming to the main point,” Loreal Paris” very recently launched its new product in India called the Micellar water which is an excellent makeup remover and I would definitely recommend it to all the girls who wear makeup.

So I have been using it since 2 weeks now .My first impression of the product itself was completely 10/10 .It takes off makeup with ease. It cost about 475 Rupees for a 90 ml bottle . I have been using it since 2 weeks and my sister uses it too and still the bottle is 75% full. The point I’m trying to put across is that u need a very little amount of it everyday and the price is too feasible and totally worth investing !

And the two best features of this product that are going to make sure that I’m hooked to this product for long are :

1. It’s water based so it wont leave your skin feeling oily or tacky.

2.After your done taking off your makeup with micellar water ,you dont need to wash your face

That’s it for this review .I hope it was helpful.Now go try it out for yourselves.