My South korea Travel story.

South Korea has always been my dream destination. Spending 7 days of my life there were the best days of my life. Will share my South Korea travel story with you in complete detail.

“go where your heart yearns to go!”

South Korea has always been my dream destination. Being there was nothing short of pure happiness.
Myeong-Dong Street

Since we are soon going to approach March-April which is also the best time to visit South-Korea (the cherry blossom season), I decided to share my South Korea travel story with you guys in detail.

I started my journey from Mumbai-Delhi and then jumped on a flight from Delhi- Incheon International Airport, Seoul. It was a 6hr 15 mins flights from Delhi to Seoul. I was flying by “Asiana Airlines”. Since, it was my first time flying by this airline, I was quite impressed. Extra spacious seats, lots of storage space & leg space which is like a huge deal. Also, the cabin crew were extremely caring and experienced. That made the journey a comfortable one. Also, let me specify, Asiana Airlines is an A star alliance member and also a 5 star airlines. It also has Ideal arrival and departure timing for Leisure, business and MICE traveler

After landing, we straight headed to our hotel – L7, which was in Hongdae street. What an area and hotel to be living in!

Hongdae is a very happening area. With street shopping, lots of street food, cafes and clubs. If you can find yourself a hotel in hongdae when you are in Seoul, you will really enjoy.

Now, we had exactly an hour to be ready before we could head out and start exploring Seoul, the capital city of South Korea.

Day 1:

We began with “Myeong-Dong Street” . It’s known for street food, shopping and massage. Also, while you are in myeong-dong, don’t forget to try put the rose shaped ice-cream. Probably, the most beautiful and yummy icecream I’ve ever had!

Then, we were all hungry, so we decided to have lunch. There was an Indian restaurant- Taj at Myeondong. The food was amazing. So if you are looking for an Indian restaurant, when in Seoul, you know where to go now.

After we were done with lunch, we decided to explore this street and indulge in some street food and shopping. I picked some really pretty winter coats and scarves for myself. Also, spotted some realy popular skincare brands which were on sale. So had to buy. One pro tip: when street shopping in Seoul, do bargain a bit if you think the price is too high or not worth it. But otherwise, everything that I got was like a steal deal and of very good quality. Also, since Korean currency “Won” is low as compared to rupees, shopping in Korea is a treat for Indians too.

We ended our first day with a great massage at the local massage parlor which costed us about 1150₹ (18,000 Won) for 45 minutes of foot& Leg massage. The massage was heavenly, not that we needed it, but because of the techniques used. Don’t forget to get yourself a massage when in Myeong-Dong.


Day 2 started with the biggest Theme park In South korea, Everland Theme Park. 56,000 won (3117₹) is the cost of 1 ticket for an adult. This ticket can be used for each and every ride and show in the park, no extra costs, which is the best part. From crazy rides, to different shows, zoo, this park has got it all.

My highlights from this park were watching the seal fish show, the zoo because it had the tiger, the ploar bear and penguins too and taking the rollee coaster ride.

You can also shop some cute stuff for kids here. Also just FYI, this park stays open from 10AM – 10PM everyday. It’s overcrowded on weekends, so its better to visit on weekdays.

After the park, we went to “Lotte Tower”. It is the highest building in South Korea. It has an observation deck at the 118th floor. You get a beautiful aeriel view of the entire Seoul city from here. This is definitely a must visit.

Lastly, we decided to end the day with “Gangnam Street”. The street that became famous after the song “Gangnam Style” which I guess we are all familiar with. This street has a display of all the luxury brands alongside the popular skincare brands of South korea and lots of cafes and restaurants.

Now, Gangnam square also has an underground market. Underground markets are a very poplular culture in South Korea. Everything is super affordable and you can find really amazing stuff too. I shopped quite alot for mysef from the underground market in Gangnam. Do make sure to visit atleast one undeeground market in South Korea .

After the shopping we decided to go to the “Gongdaemun Design Park” GDP which has a LED rose garden which is so beautiful and should be visited once the sun goes down.


On our 3rd day, we decided to travel the miles and go the famous “Nami Islands”. If you are a KDrama fan, you are already familiar with this Island.

Known for it’s beautiful landscapes and popular as a filming site , this place is a perfect picnic spot. It is covered with beautiful trees, nice and cold, has a lake on one side, a train to explore this island and you could even rent a bicycle or a couple bicycle too.

There are 2 ways to get to Nami, one is the sky zipline which takes about a minute or less than that and is really an adventurous ride too. The second one is by ferry which takes exactly 10 minutes. We had to take the ferry as the waiting for the zipline was almost 3 hours.

After Nami, we decided to have Korean cuisine for lunch. We hade bibim-bap for lunch which was really yummy and some spicy fries chicken along with rice cakes. Korean food is really healthy as well as it does taste good.

Then we headed to “Namsan Seoul Tower” after lunch. This is a sky tower in the centre of Seoul city. The view from here is quite different than the one that Lotte Tower gives you. Yet the view is breathtaking.

As you exit the Namsan Seoul tower, you will end up next to the love lock bridge, the one similar to Paris. This bridge full of love locks is a beautiful sight to have witnessed and you can also witness the most beautiful sunset from here.

We decided to end the day with the “Han River Camping” also called as the “Namji Camping by Han River”. You can camp here overnight too. As there is a 24/7 supply store here, you can buy all the eatables and drinks from here when you come camping. You can pick a table anywhere and rent a barbeque stove and have a great camping session. This was the best camping session I have ever had in my entire life. If you are not in South Korea all by yourself, then do not miss out on the Namji Camping.

Day 4:

On day 4, we decided to dress in a traditional Korean outfit called as the “Hanbok” and visit the “Gyeong Bok- kung Palace”. One fun fact: if you are dressed in a traditional outfit, the entry to all the historical places in South Korea is free.

Wearing the Hanbok has made for the most beautiful memory of South korea. Also Gyeong Bok kung Palace was really beautiful and maintained so well. It gave us great insight into the history and culture of South Korea.

After the palace, we went to “Insadong Street” for lunch and some shopping as this was the last day for others . This street again is quite popular for street shopping and korean skincare brands.

Then to end the trip on a relaxing note, we went to J. W. marriot hotel at the “Loccitane Spa Centre”. We had an appointment for the deep tissue massage.

The massage we received was relaxing to a whole different level. The experienced staff and amazing products used only added to this luxury spa experience.

After the massage, we got back to our hotels and went clubbing because the Nightlife in Seoul is something that cannot be missed. We went to “Itaewon- dong”. Such a crazy party scene we had that night, hahahha!

Make sure to carry your passport with you if you want to go clubbing or atleast have a picture of your passport on your phone or you won’t be allowed inside.

This was the last day of our trip and everyone was leaving tmrw.

Before everyone could leave for the airport, our last stop was the “Namsangol Hanok Village”. Again this place gave great piece of information about Korea’s culture and history.

After this everyone left. I & Nikhil had extended our trip for 3 days more as there was no way i was leaving South Korea any soonee than a week.

We switched our hotels. But got another hotel in Hongdae only because this area was so great to live in. These 3 days were all about relaxing, lots of shopping, coffee, goodfood and fun.

So that’s it for my travel story from South Korea. Cannot wait to be there again.

Also, since alot of you requested me to share link of travel packages, listing down packages for south korea straight from South Korea Tourism Board.

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