Doha, Qatar- affordable destination for Indians !

 Hello everyone,
Today I’m going to talk about an affordable international destination you must include on your list for a budget friendly yet a fun destination you could travel to. It’s Doha, Qatar!

When you think of an affordable international destination for vacations, the first 2 destination that come to your mind are Dubai & Thailand. Of course!

But no one thinks about Qatar. Qatar is a Middle East country just 3 and a half hours away from India. You could hop onto a flight, preferably Indigo airlines and get yourself a ticket between 16,000₹-24,000₹ depending on how prior you book it and in what season you’re planning to visit.

Also, you can easily get a hotel room or an airbnb for  5-7 days within 30,000₹. The food and travel also are not that expensive. Per person you would spend approximately 40,000-50,000₹ including flight, stay, food and a bit of shopping

Now, in 2019 I have been there twice. Once in February and now recently in November. Both for 1 week. I’d like to highlight, the best months to visit Qatar are from November to March. ( December to March are the coolest months, so make sure to carry your jackets if you want to walk out even in the afternoons)

A lot of people don’t even think of it as a place worth visiting. But going there twice, I can assure you it’s worth a visit once in your lifetime for sure.
There’s more to it than just a place where Qatar Airways crew are based. You just need to know how to plan your itinerary.

Here’s all the places you must visit and the food you must try to really have a wonderful experience in Doha, Qatar.


Express it with black!!

Well hello ,its been a long time hope ypu are doing well:)

So today I’m going to be talking about the color “Black” which I’m sure is the favourite or the go to colour of most of us.

I don’t know if you have ever heard this liner from your mother or grandmother when your going for some special event or if its a festival or someones wedding , “don’t wear black today , its not lucky!” Well I hear it a lot of times from my mom , but I don’t take it into consideration at all because Black is my absolute favourite and 90% of my wardrobe is full of black !

Black is a color that suits every skin tone , everybody type and also no matter what the color of your hair ,which makes it all the more favourable. Black in itself is the strongest and most attractive color of all the colors and also if your wearing a black outfit ,you can play with different colors when it comes to accessorizing  to add more look & glamour to it . Also im sure you have noticed it but a black outfit is never a miss when you wear it for a special occasion it makes you attract eyeballs towards yourself  for sure. So next time your confused about what to wear to a party ,for someone’s wedding or for a special event where you need to make a lasting impression express it with black!!

Attaching pictures below of a simple black gown that I got from this brand called “Miss Chase India” and styled it up with a simple gold bohemian neck piece to make it look extremely elegant.

Full length picture Gown – @MissChase -2599(INR)



Nothing But Style with Na-Kd Fashion!!!

So hey guys,hope you all are doing absolutely well. This post is all about a brand that I very recently encountered called as the “Na-kd Fashion” which is an international clothing brand.They also have a line of their lingerie collection called as “Na-kd lingerie”.

Anyways,so coming to the main point ,I very recently encountered this brand on instagram (handle: nakdfashion) and I must say i’m totally in love with the collection they have. All their pieces are Comfy,Trendy and so Chic ?

So ,I have had my 5 picks from their website NA-KD.COM .

1.Brown Front Lacing Top:

This had to be my pick because I love the color ,the lace detailing and not to forget the bell sleeves which make it look so elegant!

2.Black Raw Hem Denim:

This Raw hem denim had to be my pick because raw hem denims are a trend to be followed in 2017 and this one would just go perfectly with casual tshirts,bodysuits or for that matter even with  blouses or formal shirts .

3.Front Pocket Knitted Sweater

Now again I picked this sweater up because the color is amazing and i love the front pocket detailing on it.It makes it look so chic.And I have to specify its the most comfiest and stylish looking sweater that I own now.Cant wait for winters to wear this.

4.Faux Suede Jacket



Okay,to be honest I have wanted a jcket like this since very long.This is my favourite pick amongst all the things I bought from their website.A jacket like this is a must have in your wardrobe. You could pair it up with a Tshirt dress or just casuals for that matter and you are good to go .

5. The Overknees:

This had to be my pick too because I did not own any Overknee’s and I love how they look when they are worn on any outfits .Overknees come in handy during the winters and even when you are travelling to the States.

So,that was it for all the things that I got from NA-KD FASHION. If you are seeing this blog post before the 18th of march,2017 ,use coupon code ; “Shanice_20” to get 20% off on each purchase .Also,they have worldwide free shipping.I hope this post was informative and helpful for you guys 😉






The Ruffles ,Floral’s and Full sleeves Trend .

Well ,2017 has some of the most amazing trends in Fashion amongst which come Ruffled tops and dresses ,florals which are perfect for summer and then the top with ruffles and full sleeves.

Keeping this trend in mind ,I recently had one of my picks from a Start up Brand called as “Asmiza”.

This top has a versatile combination of all the trends for the year 2017.It has the ruffles,full-sleeves as well as the floral feels to it .Love the final outcome of all these 3 combinations put together so had to pick this up.

You can either pair it up with denim shorts like I have to give it a casual yet chic look. To make it a little more sexier you can team it up with a black bodycon skirt  and a pair of heels .Also it can be worn on a brunch if teamed with a pair of jeans or black pallazo’s. It fits easily into any occassion or situation you want .

Also ,you should be having a top like this ,shirts with ruffles and floral dresses and tops in your wardrobe to look extremely trendy this year .

Also if you like this top and you want to get this ecaxt piece that I’m wearing ,you can check out @asmiza_official on instagram to checkout their exclusive collection.

Enough said,now let my pictures do the talking.



LAVIE- A Bag for every personality and every occassion!!

To Begin with ,Lipstick’s and Handbag’s are a woman’s best friend and if we ever spot them in our type we want to have them no matter how many bags or lipsticks we already have ; because more is always better!

This blog post is about Handbags,and so I’m going to talk about a brand that I completely love when it comes to handbags which is “Lavie” . What I like the most about Lavie is that it gives you so many options to chose from that I think go perfectly with women of all age ,personality types and as well as a bag for every occassion.

Listing down below ,my lavie collection of bags:

1.Sling bag :- (Dover CSB flap Over) – BUY NOW

This brown sling bag is a perfect simple sling that can be paired perfectly with casual outfits for normal outings and since its brown in color ,it’ll go perfectly with any color casual outfit.

2.Wallet – BUY NOW

This bright orange wallet is again perfect for people who dont like to carry weight on their shoulders.This wallet is simple yet classy and can be paired with casual or indian outfits for a casual outing,or for a party .


Now I own 3 hanbags from Lavie :

A)The Monochrome Handbag : (Swan LG tote) – BUY NOW

This Monochrome Handbag was my pick because I think its a perfect bag to carry to your workplace and goes very well with formal outfits. Also because of its monochrome color tone ,it can be paired with outfits of all colors and would make you look like a boss babe.

B)The Pastel Pink Handbag : (Spray 3C MED tote) – BUY NOW 

Pastels are totally in these days . Pastel’s look cute and classy both at the same time . This bag would go well with all your casual and western outfits .Perfect to take with you on a Brunch,Dinner or for a coffee date with your friends.

C.) The Dark Brown Spaced Out Handbag: – BUY NOW

This Handbag is totaly my Go- to handbag when I have to go for meetings or attend events or when I know I have a long day ahead of me and I have to run errands.I love how this handbag can simply boss up any normal casual outfit . This bag is perfect for special occasions both at your workplace as well as when your off work. Goes well with casual as well as formal wear. It has a lot of space so you can carry your workfiles, makeup and anything else you want .

4. Backpack: – BUY NOW

A backpack for all those people who like to go handsfree! And obviously if you’re a college student or a person who needs to carry a laptop with them , then a bagpack like this one can be your best pick . Also its black in color …so goes well with all outfits and this backpack has just alot of space for you to keep everything from your laptop ,stationery to your tiffin box,what else can you ask for?!

So guys ,this is it for this blog post .

I hope it was helpful , if theres any questions you have or if you like what I shared , don’t forget to comment below.