It’s not just a thought !

Hello! It’s been a long time , I hope you’re doing well 🙂

Today ,I have something so interesting and important to discuss with you. It’s about our thoughts . I’m sure you already know how much of an important part do thoughts play in our lives , they just never leave us alone , even when we are sleeping. I know right?!

I can never really count the number of thoughts ,that play across my mind in a day and what’s even more funny is that ,I’m aware of just a handful of thoughts that are in my mind and I read it somehwere , our minds make us aware of only the thoughts that are of most importance to us at the moment and the thoughts that influence how we feel.

You know , I’m a person who has read so many motivational books like The Secret, Magic and many others and all of them teach you that your thoughts have the magic to change your life and tell you to only focus on the positive . They make me so motivated and then I tried to do so , but I failed . Miserably .

Everytime there was something happening in my life , I’d try to think that situation in a way I want it to be . But it never really worked out for me .Things did not go the way I wanted them to ,even though I was thinking positively . Atleast, that’s what I thought.

Until , I realized. I tell myself that today’s going to be an amazing day . But ,do I really believe it , I questioned myself once morning . To be honest , I only tried to think positively but I never really believed that good things will happen . I’m quite sure that’s the case with you too. That’s where we make a mistake .

I understood that I made a mistake and wanted to rectify it at that moment itself , but no , it was difficult than I thought it would be.It took me longer than I anticipated ,to adapt to a positive way of living . I had to train my  mind and heart to think and feel positive and happy thoughts only. To be appropriate , it almost took me a month.

I started training myself . When anything did not go my way. I’d try to find good points ,even in that and focus on them . I’d tell myself that my bad times and failures are making me a smarter ,wiser and independent human being and teaching me so much about life . That way slowly slowly , without me even realizing ,everything was working in my favour . Things would workout just the way I want them to. My life was becoming a happier place .

Sometimes, it was almost like magic , I just thought a good thought like 5 minutes ago and it got manifested into life that soon! Magic , I told myself. We are capable to mould our lives into what ever it is that we want to. Nothing is  too hard to achieve or impossible. It only takes “one positive thought to be changed into Belief “.

After all God created us in his image and likeness . He has given us a mind and heart that are the most powerful weapons to win over the world .

So, next time , don’t treat it like just a thought. It is powerful. It has the power to change your life . It’s the treasure within you and under your control that can make you successful.

So , I hope you enjoyed this small discussion . Ill try to come up with something new to discuss next time. Stay Motivated until then, Will you?!.

Tip:  Find it difficult to gain control over your thoughts?  Try to do breathing exercises for 5 minutes each day  or try meditation for 5 minutes every day. This will make you feel quite calm and relaxed in daily life and will also help you achieve cobtrol over your thoughts.