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Saj on the Mountain


saj on the mountain has beautiful flowers all around the place.

So hello ,guys since its almost the end of April,Im sure most of you have already started planning or going to start planning about where to spend your summer vacations quite soon.

So , I’m going to make it easier for you to decide a place to go spend your holidays at . I very recently visited “Saj on the Mountain” which is a Resort in Mahabaleshwar, situated on the Mountains.

The only reason why Im recommending this place to you is because Vacations are meant for relaxation and to have fun, and the experience that I had with my friends and family at Saj on the mountain is nothing less than that.

1.The Best part about this place is that , its in the central part of Mahabaleshwar , so wherever it is that you want to go from there , all of it is very close .

2.It has beautiful cottage’s and rooms to choose from , that you could pick according to what fits into your budget. ( I lived in the cottage though , Well if your goin there with your family ,I’d recommend you to chose the cottage because it can comfortably accomodate 4 people in 1 room and it also has a private balcony with a swing on it which is the best part about the cottage because  its almost out into the nature)

The cottage room


3.It has 3 restaurants placed inside the Resort itself . Fasal,Darwin and Wilson’s Cafe.

Fasal serves you full course Veg meals , which are hard to resist , with different cultural meals served every day . (For eg: it will be the gujarati meal someday , another day it will be the marathi meal .)

Gujarathi thali at Fasal

Darwin is meant for your evening chilling  time, it serves mocktails and cocktails with a series of starters. The ambience of darwin is perfect with its interiors resembling a modern day laboratory.

Wilson’s Cafe is a restaurant where you can go grab your breakfast,brunch or mid day snacks and dinner at any time , it is open the whole time until midnight.

Wilsons cafe

If not for vacations, You should definitely visit Saj on the mountain for the food they serve , it is utterly delicious. You will forget what Non- veg food taste’s like because Saj only serves Veg food but it is the kind of veg food that is delicious beyond words and keeps you wanting for more .

4. It has a pool , indoor games room, gym and not to forget the Spa. So whether you want to spend it by the pool, or either you’re  the kind of person who doesn’t like missing out on workouts while on holidays,indoor games to keep you engaged in fun activities and Spa to relax your body and mind (the Spa also has some of the most economical rates that you cannot resist.)

Pool area

Have you heard about a resort having everything in one place?! I bet not. This place has such a relaxing and fun filled ambience , that you wouldn’t feel like going out that main door of the hotel to visit any other place around in Mahabaleshwar.

Anyways , but Im sure like me alot of you would want to go shop for strawberries and other things from the Mahabaleshwar market .So its quite close from the hotel .

Also , if you’re going to head out of the hotel you need to visit the Elephants head point, it has such a breathtaking view and is perfect for experiencing the sunset ,also it is such a picturesque spot. So you have to visit that point. Also dont miss out on the strawberry fields.

Elephant head point
Strawberry fields

Wherever, it is that you want to go , you just need to inform the receptionist, and he/she will have a car or a cab ready for you that will take you around.

So that was it , about my review of Saj on the mountain. It is a place I recommend so much to everyone for vacations within your budget because that place will have you wanting to come back again and again if you just go there once .

Also , leaving down below links of my youtube videos that I created while I was there , you can have a look at them by paying a visit to these links mentioned below.

You can see the room tour, the place and everything else you want to see for yourself before making your decision.

Also to know more or book your stay at Saj on the mountains:

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