It’s time for San Francisco!

It’s been almost a week that I’m back from California. Jet lag is now finally under control, thank God! I couldn’t wait to share stories from this magical trip with you. It feels like the most beautiful and longest dream of my life because it lasted for 26days long. Only that, it wasn’t a dream. It happened in reality. Eeeeeeeeep! Someone pinch me please!

This trip had 3 legs. First 9 days in San Francisco, 4 days in LAS Vegas, 8 days in Los Angeles and finally 5 days in San Francisco again. I know, that’s pretty long right?! But every single day was worth it. I visited so many places, ate at so many good local cafe’s, took beautiful road trips, had such a great time and most of all made beautiful memories for life.

Today I’m going to put down details about my time in San Francisco. Also, it’s safe to say it’s one of my favourite cities now. Beautiful Victorian houses, amazing weather, so many places for tourist to explore, the hilly roads and most of all the people. All this makes it on my top list of beautiful cities around the world.

I’m gonna share with you activities & places that I did while I was there and shouldn’t be missed when you’re there.

  1. Take a walk/ bicycle across the Golden Gate Bridge 🌉

When you think of San Francisco, you cannot miss out on Golden Gate Bridge. Even when you land into SFO Airport, you will get an aerial view of the Golden Gate Bridge. It spans 1.7 miles (2.8kms) across the Golden Gate Strait which connects San Francisco to the Pacific Ocean is 90 feet wide. Popular among tourists, you will always see people during the day time all gathered at different points to get a great picture with it. Also, you can actually take a walk or ride a bicycle across the bridge which shouldn’t be missed. It’s really a treat to the eyes. It gives you beauty views of the architecture of the bridge and also the city. No cost for walking across and if you wanna bicycle acoss, you only need to pay for the rent of the bicycle.

If you want to get a good picture, there are 3 great spots that I recommend.

  • Spot 1 is at the entrance of the bridge or the car drop off point. Your picture will look something like this…
  • Spot 2 is at the end of the bridge once you complete your walk/ cycling across it.
  • Spot 3 is the hill to your left at then end of the bridge too. You can either hike your way up or simply take an uber up there. Well I went there in my friends car. ( tip: visit this point before 4 pm because post that, it’s mostly covered with fog .

2. Walk around the city:

I really wanted to put in “walking around the city” on the priority of things to do in SF. Walking always helps you explore so much in a new place. But walking around in SF is even better, you will discover amazing lanes with creative graffiti which make a great background for pictures. You will come across a lot of local cafe’s. You will witness more of the beauty of the architecture in this city. Trust me when I say, it’s a treat to walk around here.

3. Take the Muni ride.

Well if you’re confused what is a Muni. It’s this pretty cute small cart that looks like a train and which transports people from one end of the city to another. It’s starting point being Powell street and end point Fishermen’s wharf. I recommend taking this start to end point ride one of the days while your there. It’s 7 dollars per person for 1 ride. Since San Francisco has roads made on a hill going up and down. You have the Muni giving you an extremely fun ride across the city going up and down and giving you breathtaking views of the city . This way you will also discover many great points to get a top view of the city kinda photo. I love the Muni, it’s so much fun .

4. Crooked street/ Lombard street.

This street is known as the most crooked street in the world. Yes, no kidding! The muni ride drops you off at Lombard, so you can get off and take great pictures of this street from the top. Also a lot of tourists and local get their cars and try to drive across this street has it feels like a challenge and is also so much fun.

5. Fisherman’s Wharf:

Fisherman’s Wharf is the end point of the SF city. It has so many piers, full of a lot of things to do and see. You will get a beautiful sight of Seagulls here and also you can have a closer look at the sea lions too. But, fisherman’s wharf has much more to offer. You can indulge in shopping, chilling at a bar and even try out different activities here. They have really interesting stores here. I’d suggest you to walk around and explore. Also, you can take a cruise starting from fisherman’s wharf and giving you a tour around the Golden Gate Bridge which lasts for about an hour. So also, do try that if you have time on you. You can spend a good 1 day at fisherman’s wharf. Also, I forgot to mention you also get a view of the “Alcatraz” prison from here.

6. Union Square:

Now, if you want to shop in San Francisco, union square it is! You have almost every brand down here. It is a square or a junction you may call with many malls and stores. Starting from Westfield, target to a lot of brands, local designer stores,you will find it all here. Amazing brands at amazing prices. Well, I shopped so much that 3 of my suitcases were full of stuff. If you love shopping, you are going to love Union Square. Also do not forget to checkout the local designer stores. You can find pretty amazing stuff there to but remember to bargain.

7. Try Food at the local cafe’s:

If you’re a foodie and love trying new stuff. I would like to recommend trying out breakfast or eating lunch at local cafe’s. You will get a taste of the local food . I used to love having breakfast at the local cafe’s . Pancakes, French toast, the black coffee and scrambled eggs, so yumm, omg!

8. Ghirardelli chocolates

Ghirardelli is a famous chocolate shop in California. You have it near the fisherman’s Wharf in SF. Just amazing chocolates, crepe’s, hot chocolate and brownies. Something you should definitely try, the taste is out of the world and it’s also quite well priced. I would recommend trying their hot chocolate, chocolate milk (cold) and their brownie ( the thought of it is making me crave it ) .

9. Treasure Island & Twin peaks.

If you want, a great view of the city and even picturesque spots to get a great picture with the entire city. Either go to Treasure island or Twin peaks. I went to Twin peaks though. The view from here is so beautiful, you can literally spot the Golden Gate Bridge and so many other tourists spots from above. I would recommend going there by sunset. Because you get a great picture with the view while the suns still there & then later on you can wait for the sun to set completely and enjoy the view when the lights come on. It’s even more breathtaking with the city all lit up. Just make sure to carry a thick coat when you go there. It’s way too windy and cold. But, it’s totally worth it.

10. Sausalito:

Not exactly in SF, but almost 30 mins away from the city is where Sausalito is. Popular among tourists for its European feels. I will recommend a visit here too. Get off and walk across. You will witness beautiful views, houses, the beach and lots of yachts here. Nice to spend about 3-4 hours here.

11. Take a Road Trip from SF to Lake Tahoe:

Lake Tahoe is a must visit when you are in SF. I cannot put in words how beautiful this lake is! It’s one of the world’s most clear water lakes and also really deep. Also we were lucky it was snowing there when we visited. It falls between California & Nevada. A road trip full of scenic treat. Be it summer or winter, Lake Tahoe is full of beauty all the time. It takes about 3 hours to get there . Also, you can even spend a night there if you would like too.

As you know now, clearly there’s a lot to do and see as a tourist in San franciso. So put it on your travel lists now. I hope you guys found this blog post helpful and fun to read . Also if you want to have a look at my experience make sure to catch up with my vlogs on youtube .

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My South korea Travel story.

“go where your heart yearns to go!”

South Korea has always been my dream destination. Being there was nothing short of pure happiness.
Myeong-Dong Street

Since we are soon going to approach March-April which is also the best time to visit South-Korea (the cherry blossom season), I decided to share my South Korea travel story with you guys in detail.

I started my journey from Mumbai-Delhi and then jumped on a flight from Delhi- Incheon International Airport, Seoul. It was a 6hr 15 mins flights from Delhi to Seoul. I was flying by “Asiana Airlines”. Since, it was my first time flying by this airline, I was quite impressed. Extra spacious seats, lots of storage space & leg space which is like a huge deal. Also, the cabin crew were extremely caring and experienced. That made the journey a comfortable one. Also, let me specify, Asiana Airlines is an A star alliance member and also a 5 star airlines. It also has Ideal arrival and departure timing for Leisure, business and MICE traveler

After landing, we straight headed to our hotel – L7, which was in Hongdae street. What an area and hotel to be living in!

Hongdae is a very happening area. With street shopping, lots of street food, cafes and clubs. If you can find yourself a hotel in hongdae when you are in Seoul, you will really enjoy.

Now, we had exactly an hour to be ready before we could head out and start exploring Seoul, the capital city of South Korea.

Day 1:

We began with “Myeong-Dong Street” . It’s known for street food, shopping and massage. Also, while you are in myeong-dong, don’t forget to try put the rose shaped ice-cream. Probably, the most beautiful and yummy icecream I’ve ever had!

Then, we were all hungry, so we decided to have lunch. There was an Indian restaurant- Taj at Myeondong. The food was amazing. So if you are looking for an Indian restaurant, when in Seoul, you know where to go now.

After we were done with lunch, we decided to explore this street and indulge in some street food and shopping. I picked some really pretty winter coats and scarves for myself. Also, spotted some realy popular skincare brands which were on sale. So had to buy. One pro tip: when street shopping in Seoul, do bargain a bit if you think the price is too high or not worth it. But otherwise, everything that I got was like a steal deal and of very good quality. Also, since Korean currency “Won” is low as compared to rupees, shopping in Korea is a treat for Indians too.

We ended our first day with a great massage at the local massage parlor which costed us about 1150₹ (18,000 Won) for 45 minutes of foot& Leg massage. The massage was heavenly, not that we needed it, but because of the techniques used. Don’t forget to get yourself a massage when in Myeong-Dong.


Day 2 started with the biggest Theme park In South korea, Everland Theme Park. 56,000 won (3117₹) is the cost of 1 ticket for an adult. This ticket can be used for each and every ride and show in the park, no extra costs, which is the best part. From crazy rides, to different shows, zoo, this park has got it all.

My highlights from this park were watching the seal fish show, the zoo because it had the tiger, the ploar bear and penguins too and taking the rollee coaster ride.

You can also shop some cute stuff for kids here. Also just FYI, this park stays open from 10AM – 10PM everyday. It’s overcrowded on weekends, so its better to visit on weekdays.

After the park, we went to “Lotte Tower”. It is the highest building in South Korea. It has an observation deck at the 118th floor. You get a beautiful aeriel view of the entire Seoul city from here. This is definitely a must visit.

Lastly, we decided to end the day with “Gangnam Street”. The street that became famous after the song “Gangnam Style” which I guess we are all familiar with. This street has a display of all the luxury brands alongside the popular skincare brands of South korea and lots of cafes and restaurants.

Now, Gangnam square also has an underground market. Underground markets are a very poplular culture in South Korea. Everything is super affordable and you can find really amazing stuff too. I shopped quite alot for mysef from the underground market in Gangnam. Do make sure to visit atleast one undeeground market in South Korea .

After the shopping we decided to go to the “Gongdaemun Design Park” GDP which has a LED rose garden which is so beautiful and should be visited once the sun goes down.


On our 3rd day, we decided to travel the miles and go the famous “Nami Islands”. If you are a KDrama fan, you are already familiar with this Island.

Known for it’s beautiful landscapes and popular as a filming site , this place is a perfect picnic spot. It is covered with beautiful trees, nice and cold, has a lake on one side, a train to explore this island and you could even rent a bicycle or a couple bicycle too.

There are 2 ways to get to Nami, one is the sky zipline which takes about a minute or less than that and is really an adventurous ride too. The second one is by ferry which takes exactly 10 minutes. We had to take the ferry as the waiting for the zipline was almost 3 hours.

After Nami, we decided to have Korean cuisine for lunch. We hade bibim-bap for lunch which was really yummy and some spicy fries chicken along with rice cakes. Korean food is really healthy as well as it does taste good.

Then we headed to “Namsan Seoul Tower” after lunch. This is a sky tower in the centre of Seoul city. The view from here is quite different than the one that Lotte Tower gives you. Yet the view is breathtaking.

As you exit the Namsan Seoul tower, you will end up next to the love lock bridge, the one similar to Paris. This bridge full of love locks is a beautiful sight to have witnessed and you can also witness the most beautiful sunset from here.

We decided to end the day with the “Han River Camping” also called as the “Namji Camping by Han River”. You can camp here overnight too. As there is a 24/7 supply store here, you can buy all the eatables and drinks from here when you come camping. You can pick a table anywhere and rent a barbeque stove and have a great camping session. This was the best camping session I have ever had in my entire life. If you are not in South Korea all by yourself, then do not miss out on the Namji Camping.

Day 4:

On day 4, we decided to dress in a traditional Korean outfit called as the “Hanbok” and visit the “Gyeong Bok- kung Palace”. One fun fact: if you are dressed in a traditional outfit, the entry to all the historical places in South Korea is free.

Wearing the Hanbok has made for the most beautiful memory of South korea. Also Gyeong Bok kung Palace was really beautiful and maintained so well. It gave us great insight into the history and culture of South Korea.

After the palace, we went to “Insadong Street” for lunch and some shopping as this was the last day for others . This street again is quite popular for street shopping and korean skincare brands.

Then to end the trip on a relaxing note, we went to J. W. marriot hotel at the “Loccitane Spa Centre”. We had an appointment for the deep tissue massage.

The massage we received was relaxing to a whole different level. The experienced staff and amazing products used only added to this luxury spa experience.

After the massage, we got back to our hotels and went clubbing because the Nightlife in Seoul is something that cannot be missed. We went to “Itaewon- dong”. Such a crazy party scene we had that night, hahahha!

Make sure to carry your passport with you if you want to go clubbing or atleast have a picture of your passport on your phone or you won’t be allowed inside.

This was the last day of our trip and everyone was leaving tmrw.

Before everyone could leave for the airport, our last stop was the “Namsangol Hanok Village”. Again this place gave great piece of information about Korea’s culture and history.

After this everyone left. I & Nikhil had extended our trip for 3 days more as there was no way i was leaving South Korea any soonee than a week.

We switched our hotels. But got another hotel in Hongdae only because this area was so great to live in. These 3 days were all about relaxing, lots of shopping, coffee, goodfood and fun.

So that’s it for my travel story from South Korea. Cannot wait to be there again.

Also, since alot of you requested me to share link of travel packages, listing down packages for south korea straight from South Korea Tourism Board.

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How to Make the most of the 21 Days LockDown!

Hello, how are you? It’s been a really long time since I last wrote to you. I wonder why I stopped. Anyways, today I had this important idea to make the most of this lockdown that was just announced yesterday by our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. So I thought, that I’d share it with you.

Honestly, I feel like the world was not ready for the Corona virus and we were also not ready for this 21 day lockdown that seems like a punishment to so many.

I know it’s tough but it’s the need of the situation. Also now that we got no other option, isn’t is better to actually make the most of this time instead of spending it cribbing and being sad?

21 days is the perfect time for creating a new habit. You can implement so many new good habits in your life. For me, it’s already been 9 days in self quarantine and now 21 days are added to it. So it’s going to be a month long thing for me. To be honest I’m actually quiet enjoying this time at home doing all the things I love and spending it productively.

So, here’s 10 things you can do during this 21 day lock down to make the most of your time and to create some new good habits that will be super beneficial.

1. Home Workouts

Staying at home can be boring and not being able to do any movement is not good too. So now is the best time to start working out at home. You can either do HIIT workouts, yoga, stretching or any other workout you want to do. You can simply youtube home workouts and you’ll find thousands of it. Now is the time to get in better shape and lose the weight you wanted to. You have all the time to focus on fitness. Me too, I have been doing regular workouts at home since a week now. I do 50 burpees, 50 squats, some skipping and stretching and resistance band workouts and trust me it feels so good. By the end of 21 days if you have been following this genuinely, you will then have created a habit of working out Sand come out fitter than you were before 21 days.

Nikhil working out at home with resistant bands

2. Read Books/ Gain Knowledge/ learn new skills

Now is also the time to start reading all the books you have been wanting to read since a long time. Once completely engrossed in a book, you lose track of time completely. I have been currently reading Ikigai and how to Ikigai. Some book recommendations from me are 1. Ikigai 2. How to Ikigai 3. Secret 4. The Giant within you. 5. Alchemist and other Paulo coelho books

If book reading is not your thing, then you can make the most of the Internet to research and learn more about topics that interest you. Could be about a country, about some science topic, or about an electronic gadget, whatever interests you and you have no idea about, Google it or YouTube it and learn about it.

Also, this is the perfect time to learn new skills. Use the Internet to learn what you want to learn. Maybe learn new makeup techniques, learn a musical instrument, learn how to dance, learn how to cook. Anything you want to learn , now is the time to do it!

3. Clean Eating

Since you’re at home now and eating from out should be completely cut out keeping the current situation in mind, this is the best thing to do. Eating at home will give you a detox and make your system clean and also make your immunity stronger. It will also break your habit of eating junk if you have it. Even though you don’t enjoy it, why don’t you take it as challenge? Also if you want, see what favourite or yummy dish can you prepare at home to eat and try making yourself happy. Trust me with the kind of lives we live, this is the kind of detox we all definitely needed.

4. Watch new movies and shows

The best thing to keep yourself entertained is to watch movies and shows. There are plenty new ones to watch. Chose the ones you want. You can watch it on Netflix, on amazon prime, hotstar, google play movies or any other subscription you know. But this is the best thing to do to keep yourself from being bored and will also make time run faster.

5. Give a shot to TikTok!

Well I’m not really a fan of this app, but I have to admit that when it comes to entertainment and passing time, it can be of great help.
You can keep Dragging through so many videos and also try out the new tiktok dances and challenges to keep yourself occupied and entertained. Give it a shot if you’d like .

6. Self Pamper

No better time than now to self pamper. If you never had the time to do it before, now you have all the time in the world. Also if you have never tried pampering yourself at home, give it a shot. You will love it. It relaxes so much and will give you a break from this corona stress!
pick up a face mask or a scrub, or a hair mask and start pampering yourself . All the more better, you can also ask your moms or grandparents for some great gharelu nuskas n try them out.
After 21 days, you will be super groomed and pampered. Trust me it feels so good .

Self pamper time

7. Organise your home/ room/ wardrobe

So many of us have our wardrobes, our rooms and our houses in a mess. We just ignored it all this while, because well we didn’t have the time. But now, since you need ideas to kill time and the boredom. Why don’t you organise and de clutter your home?
one of the days, take the time and clean out and organise whatever you feel is in a mess. You will not only be making the most of your time, you will also feel so good after seeing everything neat and clean. You’ll feel the positive vibes you know. Cleanliness is next to Godliness!

8. Get in touch with your friends.

Now no matter how many things you find to keep yourself busy through this lockdown. Nothing can fill up the void of your friends, right ?
Why don’t you call your friend every now and then and talk to them or just use watsapp video call and video call them to see their face. Let’s admit it their faces can light up our lives.
Also if you want the whole group to come together, I just got to know about an app called “House Party” which a friend told me about. Your group can join in and all of you can video chat and play games simultaneously on that app together. Totally recommend it. If you know any other apps like these, let me know.

9. Strengthen the family Bond.

Now that all of us are stuck at home. Isn’t it the best time to strengthen your family bonds? Honestly our lives have been so chaotic and in the past whenever we got time on weekends, most of us decided to spend it with our friends or just party with them. Family life has been really compromised.
This is the best time to spend time with your family. Eat meals together, play board games, do movie nights everyday, or do a nice house party at home and dance together, pray together or try out family pamper sessions( like all put on face masks n all together) Trust me it’s fun.
Make your time at home a wonderful one. It’s time to give your parents the love and attention they deserve.

10. Take a nice bath, everyday!

During this time, the most important thing to focus on is self hygiene. I know a lot of you must be thinking we are home all the time so it’s not necessary to have a bath everyday especially the lazy ones and the boys. Taking a bath will not only let u kill some time in the day but it will also keep you clean. Take a nice bath you know, use a body scrub, a nice bath bomb session and have a nice pampering shower. Trust me, it will relax you and make you feel so good.

So that’s it. I hope you found this helpful. If you like this, Don’t forget to share it with your friends and others.
We are all in this together and we will over come this.
“Remember that in everything, no matter what, you can always find something positive.”
At the end of this we shall all come out stronger and better than before!
Sending you and your family lots of love.

Till then, stay home stay safe .


Doha, Qatar- affordable destination for Indians !

 Hello everyone,
Today I’m going to talk about an affordable international destination you must include on your list for a budget friendly yet a fun destination you could travel to. It’s Doha, Qatar!

When you think of an affordable international destination for vacations, the first 2 destination that come to your mind are Dubai & Thailand. Of course!

But no one thinks about Qatar. Qatar is a Middle East country just 3 and a half hours away from India. You could hop onto a flight, preferably Indigo airlines and get yourself a ticket between 16,000₹-24,000₹ depending on how prior you book it and in what season you’re planning to visit.

Also, you can easily get a hotel room or an airbnb for  5-7 days within 30,000₹. The food and travel also are not that expensive. Per person you would spend approximately 40,000-50,000₹ including flight, stay, food and a bit of shopping

Now, in 2019 I have been there twice. Once in February and now recently in November. Both for 1 week. I’d like to highlight, the best months to visit Qatar are from November to March. ( December to March are the coolest months, so make sure to carry your jackets if you want to walk out even in the afternoons)

A lot of people don’t even think of it as a place worth visiting. But going there twice, I can assure you it’s worth a visit once in your lifetime for sure.
There’s more to it than just a place where Qatar Airways crew are based. You just need to know how to plan your itinerary.

Here’s all the places you must visit and the food you must try to really have a wonderful experience in Doha, Qatar.

Lifestyle Travel

5 Reasons to Visit South Korea & Seoul!!

Hey there guys, I hope you are doing well . Today I’m going to share with you the 5 best reasons to visit Seoul &  South Korea. As you guys know, I recently was in Seoul for 8 days and boy oh boy, it was definitely one of the best trips of my life. Well, to be honest, being the crazy K Drama fan that I’m, this had to be !

Now, coming straight to the point. When you think of South Korea, you can definitely not miss on Seoul. Being the capital city of South korea, it is truly happening and a city worth visiting when you make it to South Korea.

Since, I spent 8 days living in Seoul, living there and exploring. Im going to list down 5 reasons why South Korea should make it on your list of “must visit travel destinations “

1. Street Shopping:
Shopping plays an important part when we visit a place, right?
Seoul offers you one of the best experience when it comes to shopping. The street shopping is crazy and all the lovely stuff at display in these shopping streets will definitely force you to spend all your “Wons( Korean currency)” on it. Hongdae street, Myeongdong street, Namdaemun market, Insa dong, Dongdaemun market & Common grounds are all the places where you can street shop for some really trendy clothes, accessories, shoes & bags.
Hongdae street, Myeongdong & Dongdaemun top my list when it comes to street shopping in Seoul. Also, if you want to shop the top end & luxury brands, Gangnam square offers you quite a lot of options to splurge. Also, not to forget, the shopping in Seoul is quiet affordable too .


2. Street food & Korean Cuisine:

Seoul also offers you the best taste of the Korean street food . South Korea has some really interesting street food that will make you fall in love with how it tastes and is also very affordable. Go to Myeongdong street to get the best experience of Korean street food. Also, evening , post 5:30 pm is the best time to visit. All the foodstalls will be up offering you different options to chose from . They have the rose shaped ice cream that you find only at myeongdong that tastes so yumm and would probably be the prettiest icecream you will ever have. From Steaks, to seafood , to rice cakes, to spicy fried chicken, Hotteok (Sweet Korean Pancake), Korean Spicy Chicken Skewers (Dakkkochi), waffles, Kimchi Pancake (Kimchijeon),
Dumplings (Mandu) and korean pan fried dumplings ( Goon Mandu), they have it all here and are all my favourites when it comes to the street food here. Basically, there are just too many options to chose from & I have barely named only the few I tried & loved!
Also, Korean Cuisine is really yumm, . Do try the Bibimbap (available in hot & cold form) which is rice mixed in korean style. Steamed Dumplings, Kimchi , Kimchi fried rice, Mung bean pancakes. Totally loved these korean dishes.

3. Crazy party Scenes:
All of us look for some chilling & partying when we visit a destination, after we’re done with the exploring in the day. Now, Itaewon-dong offers you the best clubbing and party scenes in South Korea. With streets filled with clubbin spots, you can go and have the most craziest party and fun time there. Enjoy some really amazing Korean cocktails & mocktails, Club hop from one club to another and also enjoy the food. Also, one amazing thing , if you love drinking, you can find these small local stores on streets of Seoul and enjoy some amazing Soju ( Korean local drink) and korean street food. Also, if you want to have more like a camping party, you can do that at the Nanji Camp Ground. This is totally so much fun and you will see so many groups of Korean people camping, that adds up more to the camping feel.


4. Experience a different lifestyle.

Now, one of the best reasons to visit Seoul, South Korea is to experience a different lifestyle that they live. Being a technologically advanced nation that it is, its so interesting to see how they use technology to better the quality of lives of people who live there. They live a very modern & smart lifestyle which is very easy to understand once you make it to the country itself. Crazy infrastructure, extremely well put together road & metro transportation. Highly fast 4G internet speeds. Now, the people all mostly have an amazing dressing sense, also you can get a glimpse of K- Pop & K-Beauty stores here & there! The kind of lifestyle the people who live in Seoul have will definitely intimidate you. So make sure you plan a trip here soon.

5. Lot to Do & See:

When we are visiting a destination, we always want to explore and experience, all that it has to offer, right? South Korea, definitely has a lot to see and also so many activities you can indulge in. From its rich historical culture as well as so many fun activities to make our vacay
all the more fun, it’s got it all. From amusement parks, to Palaces, the happening streets, the observation decks and the local life, you can experience it all here in South Korea.


That’s it for the first blog post. Stay tuned for the next 2 coming up where I tell you all about the must visit places in South Korea. Until then, go watch my youtube videos if you haven’t had the chance to have a look at them by now.

-Shanice Shrestha

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How to plan a Trip to Bali, Indonesia!!

Hey guys, hope all of you are doing extremely well. It’s been a long time since I last put down a blog. So finally, I’m here today talking to you about all the things you need to know before you plan your next trip to Indonesia or the most visited place in Indonesia that is Bali.

Recently I had the chance to go to Indonesia, Jogjakarta & Bali for 10 Days and it happened to be a pretty well put together trip with lots of activities & exploring.

I’d like to be the one to give you the good news that now getting to Bali from Mumbai is a piece of cake. Thanks to “Garuda Indonesia” airlines, they have started direct flights from Mumbai to Bali now. So theres no need for taking flights that go via some other destinations which take alot of time. Also they have 3 flights per week which go back & forth. Sorted, right?!

Now talking about the journey in detail. The tickets cost you about 36,000₹ for a return ticket which is a great deal. I travelled by economy class while going & business class while coming back.Now talking about the economy class, have to make a point here, this was the first time that I travelled by Garuda & I was stunned to see the amount of leg space they have. The seat is really comfortable and their inflight entertainment systems have a list of many awarded movies & series. So, that’s pretty good if you’re a person like me who doesn’t like sleeping on flights. Also, its a 7 hr 35 min flight so 2-3 movies & viola, you have landed in Denpasar, Bali. Also, the meal was really yum both the dinner & the breakfast. So, overall the journey was really smooth.

Now once you reach Bali, there’s a lot to explore if you just want to go to Bali alone. But if you’re someone who likes to explore too. I would recommend adding “Jogjakarta” on your list as well. You can take a flight from Bali to jogjakarta which is of about 1hr30 mins.

Now, I’m going to list all the places you need to visit in Bali if you only plan to visit Bali alone.

Bali has many breathtaking beaches & crazy shacks, massage parlours and shopping spots. So, be sure your vacation in Bali is going to be one that is very relaxing & it will actually help you unwind.

*Tip no1: Get a hotel close to any of the  popular beaches.  ( I lived near Kuta beach in Pullman Bali Hotel, it was an extremely amazing hotel with big, spacious & luxurious rooms. I will definitely recommend this hotel if you’re looking for a good option.)

Tip no2: Always rent a scooty which is quite convenient to move around & also quite affordable.

*Tip no3: Always convert rupees into dollars & then exchange them into Bali rupiah at Bali itself from a local currency exchange shop. With dollars, you will always get a very good exchange rate. Never take rupees, they do not accept it.

*Tip no4 : Make a list of all the places you want to visit for the time span you are there. So for example: Everyday you can pick one beach & cover that particular beach and the area around it. That way you will have covered maximum.

Now, coming to the recommendations.


Kuta Beach, Padang Padang, Nusa Dua, padang padanga, nusa dua, balangan, lovina and seminyak beach. All of them are 100% worth a visit and that way you will have covered alot.

Also, keep one evening aside to go to “Tanah Lot” . Be there around 4 and go watch the “Ramayan Fire Dance” first. Its an amazing show in which they enact the Ramayana through a fire dance. What a show, I must say! After that, just enjoy the sunset. One of the best sunsets Bali has to offer. It will take your breath away. Also, if you want, you can just wait for some drinks and dinner too & enjoy this really romantic candle light dinner experience at the shacks there.


Now when it comes to food, Bali does offer alot. But, you must be ready to experiment. To be honest, the food is quiet different than our Indian food. If you love experimenting, you are going to love the food. Some of my favourite dishes while I was there are:

1. Nasi Goreng: its Indonesian fried rice, topped with lots & lots of scrambled egg, different kinds of meat as per your choice. Also in Bali, they always serve spicy sauce with your dishes, so you can add that, a bit to your Nasi goreng & it tastes so yumm.

2. Satay: This is different kinds of marinated meat on a stick served with spicy hot chilli sauce. Again, this is a very popular dish and every restaurant out there will serve this. Must try I’d say.

3. Jimbaran Seafood: If you’re a seafood lover, definitely try out the Jimbaran seafood. Its all different kinds of fishes cooked in the Jimbaran style. Sweet, sour & spicy hot taste of this is truly a treat to all the sea food lovers.

4.Mie Gorenge: This is the spicy fried noodles. It tastes really yumm.

This is all for my must try recommendations when it comes to food in Bali. Also, if you want to find an Indian restaurant that makes amazing Indian food, you can visit restaurant Sitara. Just google the adress and you will find it.

Now almost coming to the end of this blog post, I’d like to say, if you want to explore more of Bali, as in the cultural and the fun life. You could get in touch with a local tour guide. The sweetest tour guides you could meet in your lives. They will show you around, educate you about every place and that way you will have covered alot. Also they’re fees is not high.

Also, while in Bali, do not forget to visit “Pura ulun Bratan temple”in Tabanan, its a beautiful temple next to a lake . You could spend hours here. Also, do take the boat ride over the lake. They say there’s volcano beneath the lake. But its so breathtaking. So do not miss it at all.

Thats it for this blog post guys, in the next one I will give you information if you plan to visit Jogjakarta too. I hope this was helpful for you guys to plan your trip to Bali! See you guys soon:)

-Shanice Shreshtha



How to be a BLOGGER?!!

Hello Beautiful people, I hope all of you are doing extremely well in your lives:)

This Blog post is something I have been wanting to do since a long long time. I get so many questions asked and emails sent to me; all with the same question. “How can I be a Blogger?!.”

If you want to be a blogger, the first question you need to ask yourself is “Why do you want to be a blogger?”. Answer that question truthfully and then analyse the answer for yourself. If the answer was “I have a flair for writing, I love to share information with the world about things I know.” Well, then you are absolutely on the right track. It’s time you get yourself a domain name registered under the name you want to call your blog and start sharing all that you want to.

But, if your answer is “I want to start blogging because I’m going to get alot of stuff for free and make lots of money the easy way.” I’d like to stop you there, before you can take it any further. A Blogger’s job  is no easy job, its also not timed. It requires the longest and demanded hours of work to get a job done. Don’t believe me?! Ask the bloggers you have been following and admire.

It’s just what we bloggers choose to show and also our job demands us to portray only the bright & happening sides of our lives. So don’t get brainwashed and make a courier choice based on that.

But yes, a bloggers job is fun especially if you cover lifestyle and travel. Also, if you’re a fashion and beauty blogger, we know all about the launches and have access to it right before its down in the market. So all in all, if you think you have got the skills and the determination to put in all the hardwork it takes to be a blogger, then go on .

Now, I’m quickly going to list down few things that you need to keep in mind when you want to be a blogger.

1. Get a domain name registered under the name you want to call your blog. Design it well and start posting write ups. There you go, the first and the most important step to start your blogging career. (P.S: if you dont have a blog website, you are not considered a blogger)

2. Focus on topics that interest you the most and write about them. Also, make sure you write often when you just start with the blog.

3. Alot of hardwork goes into making your blog discoverable. Make sure you are sharing your articles with your friends, family and on all your social media handles to get the maximum views as possible.

4. Make sure you are writing and giving quality content to your audience. 1 good quality article is better than 100 articles that make no sense and that have low standards. (Trust me, there are a lot of blogging websites out there. The only thing that will differentiate you from the others is the kind of content you produce. )

5. Always make sure you are using good quality & only original pictures on your blog.

6. Remember to focus on your own original way of creating content. Copying someone else’s style or format never really helps and also creates duplication in the world of the internet. (Remember, the more original the content, the faster you are going to get discovered. )

7. Always, create blog articles on the current situations in the field of topic that interests you.

8. Lastly, don’t forget to be patient. Work hard, give your best efforts and wait. If you’re putting  efforts in the right direction, you will soon start being approached by Brands for advertising on your blogs and writing articles about therir products. Which is also when, in the real sense you start making money theough your blog.

So, that were some quick tips if you want to start your blogging career. I hope this article was helpful. Let me know in the comment section if you found the post helpful and if you want me to write an article on a specific topic. Will be happy to do that:)

Until next time, take care of yourselves and be safe.

-Shanice Shrestha

Lifestyle Travel

Why Is PRAGUE The Best Honeymoon Destination!!

Hey there lovely people, I hope all of you are having a great start to 2018. So, today I have a story of Prague to share with you, which I recently had a chance of visiting. Well yeah, I visited it exactly a month back and I was waiting to share my experience with this “Oh, so Romantic!” city of Czech Republic with you.

Cobbled streets

I always had Prague on my must visit lists after watching it in the movie ” Rockstar” and ” Jab Harry Met Sejal”. Also, the numerous stories I had heard from people who visited it, I knew I had to go there one day for sure. December,2017 brought the most beautiful travel fairytale of my life to reality. I remember getting out of the airport, feeling the chilled air brush across my face, the sky was so blue and the vibes it passed across me. Prague, was beautiful than I imagined it to be in my dreams. No, I’m not over exagerating at all.

Next thing we did is, hopped onto our bus and made our way to the hotel. That bus drive to our hotel gave us glimpses, that were everything. Pastel infrastructure, cobbled streets, people dressed up so elegantly in their jackets , Charles bridge, the cute little houses, quaint cafe’s on the end of streets, all of it shouted, “Welcome to our city of love and romance.” I literally mean it. I knew then, why it is known as the best honeymoon destination. Prague would give you privacy with your partner, every corner of the city would make a picturesque spot for your pictures or selfies and you can even have fun  exploring the city.

Well, that was for the honeymoon part. But, I think who is going to wait until marriage. I couldn’t either. Wait, if you are thinking it is going to be an expensive trip, I might want to stop you before you think any further. Here’s the plan, book your tickets atleast 2 months prior to your visit. That will get you your tickets for about 40,000 – 45,000 INR ( round trip). Now, coming to accomodation, you can find hostels for upto 400-700  rupees per night stay (good hostels)  or if you book your hotel in advance along with your tickets, you will find a good hotel for about 3000-5000 rupees per night. So, if you are planning to stay for atleast a week which I would recommend, you will have sorted your accomodation for a week in 21,000 – 25,000 rupees. Also, if you are travelling with a friend or a group of friends, you can split the room fee. Viola! lots of money saved. Other than that, you need to fund your travel around the city and your food, offcourse. Take the bus, when it comes to travel. Public transport will give you feels of the local life and will also take you to your destination correctly. When in Prague, do not forget to try out the street food, especially Trdelnik and the hot mulled wine. Also, you will be stunned to know that all the fine dine restaurants in Prague aren’t expensive at all. It is like dining in a decent restaurant of India.

I lived at the Hotel Corinthia,Prague. It has to be one of the best hotels in Prague. It costs about 6500-7000 rupees per night. Worth all that money. Beautiful and comfy rooms, view of the entire city from the room, amazing hospitality, all the amenities like gym, spa, swimming pool, etc and 2 restaurants to dine in, out of which one holds 2 michelin stars. You want to experience luxury living, chose Corinthia!


Now, listing down the must visits while you are in Prague.

1.Christmas markets if you visit between November – December 31st . (Also, the best time to visit this city)

2. Old town Square. ( The oldest square of Prague)

3.Charles Bridge ( The most popular attractions of the city. Way too beautiful to be described in words.)

4. Prague Castle ( Historical beauty. Do watch the shifting of the guards here that happens every 1 hour)

5. Wenceslas Square ( You can shop here, chill at a cafe and you will want to take a ton of pictures here I promise.)

6.Dancing house ( Gehry- designed tower with a restaurant and club)

7.John lennon wall ( For some pictures, off course)

8. Letna Park. (A very beautiful park )

9. Old townn hall. ( Astronomical clock Tower)

10. River Cruise on the Vltava river. ( Cruise departs from the Czech bridge. It is about a 50 mins ride. You can enjoy the food or the bar while you are on it which is included in the price you pay for the cruise which is about 12 euros that comes upto 800 rupees. Also, you cannot miss this at all. It is a “must must” do. You will get a look of the entire city )

So, that was listing down some of the top places that you shouldn’t miss while you are in Prague. But, trust me when I say this. Prague, has my heart. There is something about this city that is so magical. The only place that I did not feel like returning home from. This City, the weather, the people, each and everything makes you feel like ” Home.” I have so many memories from this place that are locked up in my mind  and heart, forever. Also, the best memory was experiencing the first snowfall of my life, so surreal!

This is it, for Prague. Click on the videos below to watch a detailed view of the city from my point of view. Also, before I say goodbye, I would want to ask, “So, when do you plan to go to Prague, my love ?! ”



“MUST HAVES” in your Skin Care Routine

Alot of you, my fellow subscribers from Youtube and Followers from Instagram keep writing to me and ask me about my skin care routine. They ask me how my skin looks the way it does.So, I finally decided that I should write about the “New Entries” in my skin care routine that entirely repaired my skin and had me say goodbye to all of my skin problems.

Well, if you have been following me since a long time on Instagram, you would definitely know that I had pimple problems. I suffered breakouts so often,my skin looked dull and unhealthy without makeup on. As a woman, I consider myself and the other females lucky, atleast we have makeup to hide our flaws unlike Males. But , that feeling when you take your makeup off and see your bare skin is heart breaking. Atleast to me it was! And I’m sure it is to alot of you as well.

That’s when I decided , I will make efforts to improve my skin no matter what it takes. So, I did my research and through it, I found all my answers to get that glowing and healthy skin that looks perfect. The answer was “KOREAN SKIN CARE ROUTINE.”

Okay so now being honest, the Korean skin care routine includes many steps that would require alot of time and also too many products. With further detailed research, I found out that adding just few products in our skin care can ensure no breakouts and make way for that healthy & glowing skin that we have admired.

It has been 3 months since I included these products into my skin care regime and I never miss a day, because the change you see after doing this for a week, makes you hungrier for more. Never missed a day since then and trust me I have seen my Dull skin change to Glowing Skin, my breakouts have completely stopped and my skin looks so much better now.

Now,I’m quickly going to list down the products you need to include in your skincare. You can get these products from any brands of your choice. I will be leaving 2 options each of every products, one will be a high end and the other drugstore.

  1. A GOOD FACE WASH :   A good facewash can do wonders. Always remember, clean skin leads to good  & healthy skin. Choose a face wash that suits your skin best and will also clean it properly. Tip : never opt for a face wash that has too much of fragrance in them.  
  2. EXFOLIATER /SCRUB:   Over time, our skin develops dead skin due to pollution which also causes black heads and white heads on our face. A good exfoliater that is made out of natural ingredients is a must for getting rid of such problems. Using a exfoliater atleast once or twice a week is recommended. If you are using a mild exfoliater, you can even use it everyday. 
  3. TONER : This is the most important product or step that you need to follow. If you were not using a toner all this while, it is high time you run to the store, grab one for yourself and start using it. This step has played a big role in improving my skin. Toner is very useful as it takes out the excess dirt left on your skin even after washing and exfoliating. It also maintains the Ph Value of your skin. Toner basically prepares your skin to absorb all the products that you will apply on your face better and let them work towards improvement.
  4. SUNSCREEN : If you suffer from discoloration, tan, uneven skin tone and dull skin, it is definitely because you do not use sunscreen regularly. Sunscreen must be used at all times, be it winter or summer and  also if you are going to stay home. A Sunscreen basically protects your skin against harmful UV Rays that are present in the environment at all times. Using a sunscreen will not only stop the absorption of harmful Uv Rays into your skin but will also save your skin from a whole lot of skin problems.
  5. MOISTURIZER: It is a myth that people with oily or normal skin do not need to use a moisturizer. No matter you have dry skin, oily skin or normal skin, using a moisturizer is very important. It plays a very important role in making your skin look healthy and supple. It puts back good moisture and nutrients into your skin that go missing due to pollution and other reasons.
  6. SERUMS / ESSENCE : Using a Serum is a must  use at night before you hit the bed. Serum repairs your skin of all the damages done to it. It repairs your skin and helps restore back healthy, nourished  and glowing skin. I can promise you, after a week of using serum continuously, you will have noticed big improvements in the way your skin looks.
  7. 8-12 GLASSES OF WATER EVERYDAY : The last step is quite easy and cannot be skipped at all. Water rids our body of toxins and cleans it from within & if your body is clean from within, it will automatically reflect on the outside. You must have noticed, 95% of people who drink lots of water have clear and healthy looking skin. So, from today start keeping a track on the amount of water you drink in a day to improve your skin at an amazingly rapid pace.

This was it, the 7 steps that can improve your skin and give you the skin that you dream of having. I assure you if you follow these steps dedicately even for minimum 2 weeks , you will see changes you will not believe happened. Anyways, I hope this was helpful. If possible do come and leave me comments down below after you try it and it has done it’s magic on you. See you next time 😉


The Macau Story!

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Lately, I have been travelling alot and oh boy am I complaining? Not at all. Infact, there is something really beautiful and magical about travelling. It makes me feel like I’m teleporting to beautiful and new places. So,this time it was “Macau.” A destination that should definitely be on your travel bucket list if you have not had it there already. Why am I saying this? Keep reading further and you will know why.

So, I went to Macau for 4 nights,5 days and I can proudly say that I have explored all of it and I know now what Macau is all about. Well,I took a flight from Mumbai and landed in Hong kong and from there we took a ferry which was a 1 hour journey to Macau.

When, I stepped out of the ferry port, my eyes were nothing but amazed because Macau was everything I expected it to be and so much more. If you have had a picture of Macau that is all about having typical streets like China or just about having Casino’s, it’s time you change that picture as Macau has to be one of the most beautiful destinations for vacations both with your friends and family. There’s so much to enjoy and have fun here.


Since Macau was ruled by the Portuguese for a long long time, most of its architecture and streets have a portugal feel to them. The streets are so beautiful, they make you feel like maybe you are in Europe and I’m not over exxagerating. It’s nothing like mainland China.

Now, there is one thing I would like to advice you as a person who travels alot. Whenever planning a vacay to a destination you have never been to, always make sure that you do a bit of research on what are the highlights of that destination and plan your days accordingly. Because, if you go unplanned ,you might not know what you are missing out on and might also not be able to make the most of your time. I was glad as me and my friends, we booked our trip with “Macao Tourism” as they had our itineary planned in such a beautiful manner, we explored to the fullest and enjoyed ourselves to the maximum. So,if you are planning to go to Macao,I’d reccomend planning your trip with them. Will be leaving their social media handle links at the end.

Sky walking on the 61st floor in Macau tower


There’s a saying, “Everyday, atleast do one thing that reminds you that you’re still alive.” Macao gives you this opportunity. Everyday is not possible but atleast one day, while you are on a vacay should make something like this possible,right?!

Macau tower has the 2nd highest Bunjee jumping trail in the whole world and also has Skywalking,which I gave a shot finally. On the 61st floor of the Macau tower,they have these activities. If you are in Macao or plan to go there, now you know what you shouldn’t be missing.

I have a fear of heights and doing something like a “Skywalk” was like a big No for me. But,since I had my friends with me, I decided to give it a shot and I mean it, after completing the walk that lasted for a good 25 mins, I thought to myself “If i had not done this, I would have regretted it.” It was that good. Adventurous,thrilling,surreal and fun. One of the best memories of my life has been created.

Also,2 of our friends tried the Bunjee jump. It takes 3-4 seconds at the max for the entire drop depending on the weight. Also, what I liked the most about the Aj hackett team at Macau tower is that they take extreme measures for the safety of people. You can be sure that nothing ill fated is going to happen to you. So,if you are a very adventurous person,you should go for the bunjee jump.

Now, I’m going to quickly list down the places you should visit when in Macau :

1.Ruins Of St.Paul 

The Ruins of St.Paul is a must visit monument. Even though its ruined,its still so beautiful. You can spot it rehind behind us in the pic above. It was a church before. It caught a fire due to which all the part made from wood got burnt and only the part made of sand stone remained. To put it in a better way, if you did not visit the Ruins of St Paul, you did not visit Macau.

2.Senado Square

As you walk down the stairs of Ruins of St paul, it will connect you to the “Senado Square” which is a popular shopping place . They have so many options to shop for skincare,cosmetics,clothing,food and porcelain articles. I will reccomend stopping by at the Senado square atleast once. I bought alot of my korean skincare and branded cosmetics for steal deals from there. I also managed to get some really good pieces of branded clothing from there. While you are there, do not forget to carry atleast 1000 MOP( Macanese Pataka) if you want to shop to your heart’s content.

3. Macau Tower

Like, I specified before, the Macau tower has the bunjee jump and the skywalk on its 61st floor. That alone is a strong reason why you should visit the Macau tower but also it has a restaurant named “360 degrees” on its 57th floor. It is a rotating restaurant! Yes, no kidding, I am serious. So make sure you go there for dinner one of the days and enjoy the amazing buffet that they serve with a breathtaking all round view of Macau.

4. Taipa Village

Taipa is a beautiful village in Macau. Actually, calling it beautiful is an understatement. It will make you stand in awe of its beauty. The village is full of beautiful cafe’s, colourful houses and pretty streets and also has a display of its art culture. Taipa village gives you a feel that you are in Portuguese. The best part is that you can rent a bicycle and tour the entire village. As, I was riding my bicycle and exploring Taipa, it brought so much joy to me and made me a kid again, so curious about everything around me. So this again has to top your list while you are there.

5. Grand Lisboa Hotel & Wynn Fountain show

Grand Lisboa hotel is one of the most grand and beautiful hotels of Macau.It looks like a feather from the outside and like a gold palace from within and has a display of articles that are the only one in the whole world on its ground floor.It aslo has a grand casino to add to it. You should spare atleast 3-4 hours of your time in your schedule and visit Grand Lisboa. They have 2 restaurants that hold 3 michelin stars each. One is on the 6th floor called the “Eighth” and the other one is on the 43rd floor called as “Rubachon Au D’ome.” The view from this restaurant is breath taking.

Both are a complete treat to anyone who loves eating and trying out new dishes.

They also have a Spa, “The Lisboa Spa”, which has to be the best spa experience of my life. They only use Clarin’s products which is an ultimate treat to relax yourself and your senses.

There is also a good news for my friends who prefer Indian cuisine even while travelling. Grand Lisboa has a restaurant that serves Indian cuisine as well.

Now, coming to the Wynn fountain show. It is a 5 min show that is somehow very satisfying and an absolute treat to watch. The fountain show involves a different display of colours and fireshow merged into the fountain show itself. Also, while you are there do not miss out on the fortune tree and sun sign show too which again is a show of 5-7 mins and takes place in the Wynn Resort itself.

6. Venetian Macau

The Venetian Macau is an interpretation of Venice and you will be amazed to see how well it replicates Venice to almost fool your brain that you are actually there. It has a the Venetian Mall which displays so many brands from all over the world and is a paradise for shopaholics. They also have a hotel. But, the best part is they have an Eiffel tower too, and it look so real just that its a lil shorter than the original one.

7. Broadway street

The Broadway street is very close to Venetian Macau . The Broadway street is also know as the eating street and has a lot of eateries. It is one of the most prettiest streets that I have seen in my entire life. Also, while you are at the Broadway street, catch up on the broadway show that displays different categories of performances for 30 mins. I had so much fun watching that.

8.Coloane Island

Coloane island is again a very beautiful place. It looks more like an European colony. It again has so many eateries and bakeries. You can also spot mainland china quite easily from the Coloane Island. This place is just so picturesque and also has a beautiful church. You can probably stop by coloane for breakfast or lunch. Also, do not forget to click tons of pictures of yourself here. Every corner,cafe and house here is beautiful.


So, yeah this was it for all the places that you should not miss or should I say cannot miss when in Macau. I hope this information was useful for you. Also, if you want to see my experience, follow the links down below to watch me having fun in Macau.

Macao Moments (Macao Tourism)






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